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Rice porridge


120 g broken rice or risotto rice
1 liter plain soy milk (without flavours, salt or sugar)
1/2 teaspoon salt
0,15 g saffron powder
1 tablespoon vanilla sugar (optional)
50 g Cassonade Graeffe sugar

Servings: 4
Rice porridge

Recipe directions

Rice porridge prepared with saffron powder is a typical Belgian dessert. Saffron give the rice porridge a deep yellow colour and typical taste. This rice porridge is eaten during special occasions, for example as a Christmas meal.

This is a vegan variant using soy milk instead of cow milk. We always prepare rice porridge with home made soy milk made with a soy milk maker. To prepare the rice porridge, add the rice, salt and saffron to the soy milk and bring to boil. Let simmer on very low heat for about 30 to 45 minutes, or until the rice is soft. Stir occasionally. Add one tablespoon vanilla sugar, mix and spoon the rice porridge into serving bowls.

Serve with Cassonade Graeffe sugar, which is Belgian brown powdered sugar. If you do not have this type of sugar you can also use cane sugar.


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