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What is soy milk?

glass of soy milkSoy milk is made by soaking soybeans, grinding them with water. The fluid which results after straining is called soy milk. You can make soy milk at home with basic kitchen tools or with a soy milk machine. Soy milk is most commonly found in aseptic cartons. Most of the soy milk available in the market is flavoured and fortified with extra calcium or vitamins. The most popular flavours are vanilla and chocolate. Some producers add thickeners to their soy milk to give it a mouth feel of cow's milk. Traditionally, soy milk has a beany taste which is well accepted by the Chinese, but less by the Western palate. By using correct processing techniques, this beany taste can be reduced or eliminated. Recently, with the recognition of its health benefits and with its improved flavor and texture, soy milk has now a high and rising acceptance.
Sometimes, use is made of protein isolates from soy bean which are mixed with water, oils, sugars, stabilisers to give it a milky appearance. This type of product is not as wholesome as real soy milk. In Europe, legislation prohibits soy milk manaufacturers to label their product as soy milk. Often they use the denomination soy drink.

Making your own soy milk

In China and Japan fresh soy milk is made daily using a simple, centuries-old process of grinding soaked soybeans and pressing the soy milk out of the beans. There, soy milk is sold by street vendors or in cafes. Soy milk is served hot or cold and is often flavored with soy sauce and vegetables to produce a spicy soup. Many people find the cost of commercial soymilk to be prohibitive and make soy milk at home. They soak and crush soy beans and filter the liquid, which is soy milk. Some have invested in a soy milk machine that cooks and grinds the soy beans and makes soy milk, fresh in your own home. There are different brands of soy milk machines on the market (Miracle Soy Wonder, SoyJoy Automatic Soy Milk Maker, SoyToy Soy Milk Machine, Soyapower). You don't need these machines to make good quality soy milk, but they make life easier and give a high yield.

Nutritional values of soy milk

Plain soy milk is very nutritive: it's an excellent source of high quality proteins, isoflavones and B-vitamins. Soy milk is free of the milk sugar (lactose) and is a good choice for people who are lactose intolerant. Also, it is a good alternative to those who are allergic the proteins of cow's milk.


Nasty additivies to watch for in soy milk

There nothing wrong with soy milk but be aware soy milk nowdays sell in market are all chemical additivies into it especially watch out for preservatives, colour, flavour & most of all artifical synethics vitamin A or D added into it. That what make people have problem & allergies to drink such soy milk. Learn to look what the ingredients in it. Look for organic & no nasty added. The best way is make your own soy milk at home.
Meyoko - 20/10/2013

intresting subjest... as i started drinking soya milk and since then i have had hot flashes and now gona stop drinking it
blonde3y - 23/10/2013


DINSCO - 11/11/2013


Replacing cow milk with soy milk will not cause the problem you describe. Is looks as if you used to little meal or too much fat.
Rob - 11/11/2013

can i drink a lot of soya milk in a day

can i drink a lot of soya milk in a day?
Crol - 16/11/2013

can i drink a lot of soya milk in a day

There is no recommended daily intake for soy milk. You can drink one or two cups a day, and occasionally more.
Rob - 16/11/2013

can i drink a lot of soya milk in a day

You can take how much you want, till now there are no side effects in taking soya milk, In my case i take every day almost half liter of soyamil in morning by skipping the Break fast, i am doing this routine from last 8 months and didnt feel any bad....
chefsecrets2 - 16/11/2013

Reduce weight with soy milk

Hai every body, ya consuming soya milk, but obviously there will be reduce in body weight, cause soya milk when compared to any other milk has low fat and high protine.
Protines help to get the body reguired energy, so the diet will be controlled.
It is 100% natural way to reduce body weight.
laxmany1975 - 17/11/2013

Cooking with soy milk

I would like to know if u can bake or cook with soya milk

Bev - 19/11/2013

Cooking with soy milk

Yes, you can cook with soy milk. To replace cow milk use plain natural soy milk. Some soymilk is flavoured with vanilla, which is OK if you make custard pudding or other sweet desserts. Maybe you have to add a bit more salt if the soymilk is unsalted (because cow milk also contains natural salt).
Rob - 19/11/2013

i want to make a soya milk how to make this?

Please give a tips for making this product.

SahabSingh - 19/11/2013

Silk Soy Milk

I have been drinking White Wave Silk Very Vanilla Soy milk and it is delicious. The best tasting milk period. It tastes like a milk shake and I really love it. So drinking soy milk doesn't have to be unpleasant.

The nice thing about Silk products is their probably the most environmentally sound on the planet. They use organic soy beans that have not been genetically engineered. They use wind power as their energy source. What a terrific company!
xoxo - 20/11/2013

Spoiled soya milk

plz tell me we soak soya in morning and make soya milk in evening and the milk gets spoiled because of temperature conditions in delhi and previously this was never happening. so if u can help me out. also I want to know if we can make use of the spoilt soya milk and is it health hazard. also I wanted to buy soya maker plz guide us about the details and suggest me company names
thanks and regards
anuradha - 20/06/2014

Make soya milk by soya flour

i want to make soya milk by soya flour,please tell me recipe.

arash - 23/06/2014

Make soya milk by soya flour

Yes, you can make soya milk with soya flour, but the taste will not be that good and colour will be darker than from soya milk made from whole soya beans.
Procedure: For each cup of soya flour boil 3 cups of water. When the water boils add the soya flour while stirring all the time. Continue to boil for about 30 minutes at low heat. Filter this mixture through a cheese cloth placed inside the colander. Cool down and refrigerate.

Rob - 24/06/2014

soy derivatives definely cause cysts inside my body, and outside on the skin. the phytoestrogens in the soy are the culprit. these are concentrated in the fat of soy. for some reason i get a much worse skin reaction from soy oil or soy lecithin than the protein isolate, which makes the internal cysts in breasts and ovaries worse. even a few crackers with a minute amount is soy lecithin gives me a bad skin reaction.

when I was drinking soy milk and eating fake meat products and thinking I was being so healthy and good to myself, my skin was horrible and I started having spotting between cycles and passing large clots. endured a painful cervical examination and asked the doc, could this be due to all the soy I am eating? oh no, she said, you'd have to drink gallons everyday to see an effect from the phytoestrogens. hell yes, woman.

done with soy, done with that suffering. eliminate all forms from your life and watch what happens. ALSO, be aware that oxybenzone and other related sunscreens in your makeup, lip balm and sunscreen products are estrogenic. they caused me monthly headaches as well as the bad skin. get some of that natural zinc non-nano sunscreen at whole foods. you'll look like a vampire, but you won't have acne, internal cysts, and monthly problems.

guest - 04/07/2014

Can diabetic patients drink soya milk?

i would like to konw that diabetic patients can drink soya milk?

best regards
arash - 05/07/2014

Can diabetic patients drink soya milk?

Of course you can drink soya milk on condition that it is not sweetened with added sugars.

Soya beans have a very low glycemic index, making them an important ingredient of a healthy diabetic diet. Soya products such as soymilk and tofu are also rich in antioxidants that can improve insulin and blood sugar metabolism. A recent study published in Journal of Renal Nutrition concluded that soya milk consumption was associated with better blood pressure control among diabetic patients with nephropathy.
Rob - 06/07/2014


Highly informative website on soya you've got going. Please will like to know if i can get a better commercial soya milk using dehulled fullfat soya flour that is homogenised without filtering. Thanks.
Matthew Akwawa - 28/07/2014



I must tell you that both me and my wife suffer from High blood Pressure and Diabetics & cholesterol.

1. If we use it instead of skimmed milk will it be OK?
2. Can we have ice cream made out of Soya?

The more information you give us it will be better.

Thanks so much,
Godfrey Lentini.

Godfrey - 30/07/2014

High protein diet

I am on a hight protein low carb no fat diet. Can I drink soya milk without is hindering my weight loss?
Mia - 29/10/2014


Can I give home made soy milk to my baby 2month old?he is not allowed to drink any milk he is lactose intolerance. Thanx
Shebe - 31/10/2014

Soy Milk bought from those selling taho

Buying Soy milk from kuyang magtataho is better than with those in the market. The one they sell in roads is purely soy milk and without additives
dONA - 09/12/2014

Taste of real soy milk

The real taste of soy bean milk is delicious and I am sorry that so many Americans are unable to appreciate it because they haven't grown up with it. There is nothing more delicious for me than a hot cup of freshly pressed soy milk with some organic agave to sweeten it. If you can't adapt to the natural taste of soy milk, help your kids adapt to it. This way they will be able to make their own soy milk without drinking the commercially made stuff. Even the commerically made soy milk contains a ton of additives. If you heat up Soy Dream original in a cup in the microwave it is the most disgusting thing in the world! I can't believe they made it taste so bad! And I question what they must have done to make the soy milk taste so awful. I am Asian American and looking for an organic soy milk brand that does not alter the original taste of soy milk but have sadly been unable to find one. The natural taste of soy milk is delicious (just like the natural taste of cow milk and the natural taste of everything) if you give it a chanceS!
MNRC - 20/12/2014

Too much soy milk?

The FDA approved a health claim that 25 grams of soy protein a day may help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Depending on the help you get from your sisters, I guess that you drink about 1 liter soy milk per day, which represents about 30 grams of soy protein. This is certainly not too much soy milk. If the soy milk is fortified (with calcium or vitamins), please make sure that you don't get too much of these.
Rob - 21/01/2015

soymilk and pregnancy

I would like to know that If soymilk delays the pregnancy or not ?
dreams - 16/05/2015

Does drinking daily milk by adding one spoon soyaflour is good to health? Any problems in taking milk like this daily? Please let me know. How to make soya flour in correct method?
jhanu - 15/11/2015

Can 18 months child drink soya milk

Can 18 months kid drink soya milk. Is it safe ? No side effects
KHUSHI - 20/12/2015

Breast growth with soy milk

Hi, I really need help with my breast, I need them to grow, please can yourl help me with advice. Thank you
Charline - 31/01/2016


I represent a Uk food manufacturing business that requires 1500kg of soya milk per week. Would you be able to advise on suppliers that I can contact?
Many thanks.
Justyn - 01/02/2016

abou flavaor

i want a make a soya paneer for business purpose but when i prepare a paneer but his taste is different and his taste like a grain(anaj)not in like a paneer i want how remove a grain flavour pls help me.if possible pls mail me in paneer flavour list that i can bought a soap.
sudhish kumar mishra - 11/02/2016

expire day

How many days can we keep it safely in the refriedgerator? I mean the homemade soya milk.
Maro - 03/03/2016

Soya milk is apparently not a healthy alternative to dairy. I started out drinking it when I gave up dairy but then did a lot of research about it and switched to Rice milk. Inform yourself, and don't believe everything that is being sold to you - remember, there's a business behind it.
Lisa McCarthy - 03/03/2016

soy milk can build muscle?????

someone ans plz
vishal - 05/04/2016

how change soya panir test

i want a make a soya paneer for business purpose but when i prepare a paneer but his taste is different and his taste like a grain(anaj)not in like a paneer i want how remove a grain flavour pls help me.if possible pls mail me in paneer flavour list that i can bought a soap.
Rahul solanki - 17/07/2016

fresh soy drink

anyone know where to buy soy bean drink other then supermarket > i want fresh soy bean drink in europe
steven lum - 10/10/2016


We r in maharashtra. india.we teach people to make soyamilk at home usiing regular kitchen equipments.this is social non profit work to provide nourishment to mal nourished.we need domestic reliable unit. We can promote domestic soyamilk model in india. Padmakar deshpande .pune
padmakar deshpande - 13/12/2016

How we can make flavored soymilk.?

Sir plz tell me how we can reduced the soya smelll in flavored soymilk...plz give me details...
Gaurav - 19/02/2018

How about hot soya milk?

Which one is better, consuming cold or hot soya milk? and why? What is the best temperature for both? Thank you
vicky - 14/07/2018

How about hot soya milk?

You can drink soya milk hot or cold, whatever you prefer. If you make your own soya milk it's important to boil it for about 10 minutes to eliminate most of the anti-nutritional chemicals.
Rob - 14/07/2018

Does soy milk spoil like regular cow's milk?


Glenda - 12/10/2019

Does soy milk spoil like regular cow's milk?

Soy milk will spoil just like cow's milk. Normally it will spoil after 5 to 10 days. Best is to consume before 5 days. You mean the soy milk in UHT cartons with long shelf life? The expiration date is normally a "best before" date. It is safe to drink after this date, but taste, colour and nutritional values (vitamins) can be affected.
Rob - 12/10/2019

Spoil soya milk

Please what makes my soya milk sticky,curdled and looks like pap? I made it yesterday and store in fridge to get there this morning.... I can't drink it again.. Pls I will appreciate your comments
Gloria - 03/06/2020

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