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Banana smoothie


2 very ripe bananas, pealed
500 ml soy milk
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon banana liqueur
1 tablespoon fresh lemon or lime juice

Servings: 2

Recipe directions

The banana should be very ripe. This means there should be some black spots on the banana peel.
First mix the peeled banana with the soymilk in a blender until smooth. Add the sugar, lime or lemon juice, banana liquor and blend again.
Serve this banana smoothie cold with some ice.


The banana is a long fruit that is yellow when ripe. The trunk of a banana palm is a compact mass of intertwined leaves. It shoots up from the roots of the plant and only bears fruit once.
Because of their high carbohydrate content, the banana is one of the best natural energy sources.
These are the nutritional values per 100 g banana: 2.6 g fiber, 1.1 g protein, 358 mg potassium, 0.4 mg vitamin B6. Because of their potassium content, bananas are highly recommended by doctors for patients whose potassium is low. Furthermore, the banana contains no fat or cholesterol and is very low in sodium.


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