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How to make soy milk?

It's very easy to make soy milk at home. If you make soy milk on a daily basis you might find an automatic soymilk maker (also called soy milk machine) such as Soyajoy, Soylife, Miracle, Soyquick, Soyawonder or Vegan Star very helpful.

Step1: Ingredients

You need about 125 g whole soya beans to make 1 liter of soy milk.

Step2: Soaking and dehulling the soya beans

Clean the soya beans and soak them in water for 10 - 16 hours. Although not necessary, you can remove the hulls be kneading the soya beans and flushing the loose hulls with water. Removing the hulls makes the extraction process more efficient. An alternative is to crack the soya beans before soaking. The hulls come loose easily and can be washed away. When you use cracked soya beans you need less soaking time: 6 - 8 hours.

Step3: Heating the soya beans (optional)

Heating the soya beans will destroy enzymes which are responsible for the development of beany flavour. This heating can best be achieved by microwaving the wet soaked soya beans during 2 minutes.

Step4: Grinding the soya beans

Grind the soaked soya beans and 1 liter water in a blender. Sieve the mixture trough a cheese cloth and recover the soy milk. The insoluble material which remains on the sieve is called okara, and can be used as an ingredient for bread making or as cattle feed.

Step5: Boiling the soy milk

Heat the soy milk till boiling point and continue boiling for about 5 to 10 minutes. After cooling, the soy milk is ready and can be kept in the fridge for another 3 days.

Step6: Flavouring the soy milk (optional)

The soy milk can be drunk as such but taste can be improved by adding some salt (also cow milk contains a lot of salt).
With soy milk you can easily make your own fruit smoothie. Fruit smoothies are very healthy because they contain soy milk and a lot of fresh fruits.


Make soymilk from dehulled soybeans

Actually even if you dont dehull the soya bean you still can make good nice tasty soya milk. The reason you got beany taste is because you dont cook long even and it is not cooked by 'wet heat' with cover opened.

Ronald - 27 October 2013

Make soymilk from dehulled soybeans

I never remove the hulls, too much work! My soymilk and tofu taste nice. But I use soymilk maker.

Antonio - 27 October 2013

Fairview Farms Laura Soybeans

Laura Beans are supposedly the best for soymilk and tofu. The Chambers Family Farm's Food Soybeans are 100% NON-GMO and grown, tended, harvested and packaged their 5th generation family farm.

Because of it's unique Non-Beany Flavor it makes excellent soymilk.

3girls4me - 27 October 2013

Soya milk smell

What should be added in soya milk to reduce it odor smell?

Kamlesh - 31 October 2013

Soya milk smell

Do you want to mask the beany flavor of homemade soy milk? It is important that you cook the soybeans before mixing to destroy enzymes that produce off-flavors. A soy milk maker will take care for this automatically. Whisking the soy milk while boiling will remove most of the beany flavor. You can also add a bit of vanilla flavor to mask it.

Rob - 31 October 2013

I am grateful for these comments. Was just put on soybean milk and the prices at the store are throat cutting. Now I can make my own milk. just boust 2kg of soybeans for $5. That will take a long time to get finished. Thanks

Name - 05 December 2013

Need to find a sieve to filter soy milk

I currently make my own soy milk on the stove, and have very effectively used a very fine 4 inch strainer with a relatively flat shaped ladle that I use to squeeze down on the okara. After cooking the soy in a large pot, I pour the slurry through the strainer. Once the strainer is full of okara, I squeeze down with the ladle and then I can knock the okara off into another container (it comes off completeley, leaving nothing on the strainer) and run more cooked soy through it. This system works fine for a gallon at a time, but with all my friends banging on the door for some......I want to grow to a larger capacity. I would like to find a larger sieve to use in this system. Does anyone know of a suitable product and who sells it in the usa????

Soy maker - 27 December 2013

Need to find a sieve to filter soy milk

Google for "laboratory sieves" and you will find a lot of places that sell these sieves. For example They seem to be quite expensive.

Rob - 27 December 2013

Spoiled soya milk

You should never drink spoiled soya milk because you never know if the bacteria that are present are friendly. Maybe you should soak the beans overnight and make fresh soya milk in the morning. A good soya milk maker is Soyajoy, which you can find on Ebay or Amazon, but they are shipped from the US.

Rob - 23 June 2014

How can I use OK Ara to make bread

Name - 30 June 2014

You recommend boiling the soy milk for 3 to 10 minutes, others boil for as long as 20 minutes but my milk curdled in the pot as soon as it started boiling.
When I tried to boil a little raw left over milk for my baby goat in the microwave, it just curdled instantly.
Could the acidity of my borehole water be too high and what can I do about it when making soy milk?

Pieter - 15 October 2014

Is there anybody out there who has experienced similar problems or knows somebody with the knowledge to give some indication as to why my soy milk curdles as soon as I try to boil it?
Please help.

Pieter - 24 October 2014

Maybe your borehole water contains too much minerals such as calcium or magnesium. These minerals are used to curdle soy milk for making tofu.

Rob - 24 October 2014

Very interesting article about Soya milk. But, I want to known about the nutritional aspect of soya milk when it boils or being used for cooking.

Chandralal Kalansooriya - 07 November 2014

Oiliness in Soy Milk

I have been making soya milk but I couldn't remove the oiliness and the thickness of the milk (I use 1:7 ratio -i cup soya beans, 7 cups water...) when mixed with coffee even after adding the same amount of water to the milk. Any suggestions to get a proper consistency of soy milk? I have not tried boiling the soya beans after soaking though...

Leah - 10 November 2014

Make soy milk from soy flour

Here is recipe for making soya milk from soya flour.

1 cup soya flour
3 cups water

Have two large saucepans ready. Combine soya flour and 3 cups water in 1 saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly with a spoon. Stir and cook until foam begins to rise. Remove from heat, pour soya milk through cloth-lined colander into second pan, pressing down to remove all liquid. Bring soya milk to a boil and simmer 5 minutes.

Elma - 14 January 2015

How I make my soya milk

Ingredients: 1/2 cup whole soya beans, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and one pinch salt. Clean whole soybeans or cotyledons by removing dirt and damaged soya beans. Drop soya beans directly into three cups boiling water containing 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and blanch for five minutes. Drain and rinse with hot water. Grind the blanched soya beans with three cups very hot water for three minutes using blender setting at high speed. Cool till warm to touch and filter through cheese cloth by squeezing. Simmer soya milk on a stove for 20 minutes. Stir occasionally. Add salt, sugar and flavors as desired.

Susanne - 20 January 2015

out of curiosity!

Hi good pm! i knew that grinding soybeans with the addition of water would result to soy slurry. if the ratio would be 1kg soybean is to 5kg of water, thus yield 6kg soy slurry,how much of okara will be recovered? thanks ahead for the quick response.

Victor - 13 February 2015

out of curiosity!

You will get about 1.5 kg of okara.

Rob - 13 February 2015

out of curiosity!

Thank you sir Rob! Anyway, the 1.5 kg of okara that you have recovered, is it based on your experience or based on literature? again Thanks aheadfor the quick response.:)

Victor - 13 February 2015

out of curiosity!

That is measured on very firm okara. If it is more liquid it will be more like 2 kg.

Rob - 13 February 2015

soy milk

How do you use the okara to prepare other foods please?

Belinda - 18 February 2015


How do you use the okara to prepare other foods please?
Thank you.

Abdullahi Adamu - 24 February 2015

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