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Smoothie recipes

blackberry smoothie Smoothies are very polupar because they are considered to be very healthy and tasty. And it's easy to make smoothies at home.
Smoothies are defined as a cold beverage that is made by mixing fruit and juice in a blender.
Fruits are packed with vitamins, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fibers, which are important for maintaining health and preventing disease.
When tofu, soy yogurt or soymilk is used as an ingredient in smoothie recipes then additional health benefits will be obtained. A smoothie with soy milk or tofu is a also good source of healthy protein because it can lower your cholesterol. Smoothie recipes with very high protein concent (protein smoothie) can be made by adding soy protein isolate or soy protein concentrate. Bottled smoothies may contain very little fruit and lots of additives and flavours. A homemade smoothie is always healthy as long you us recipes with not too much sugar.

With smoothie recipes you can be very creative

You can make smoothies from any fruit and the number of combination of fruits and other ingredients have no limit. The aspect of a smoothie can also vary, it can be very liquid or recipes with a lot of banana or other pulpy fruit will give a thick smoothie. Adding soymilk to the smoothie will also increase the smoothness because the high acidity of the fruits will thicken the soy milk. If you have tried out an original smoothie recipe yourself please inform us, we will try it out!


soy beans

very easy to make, and thanks for the recipes
kikiowo Abidemi A - 10/08/2015

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