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Soy milk powder

instant soy milk powderSoy milk powder is soy milk from which all water has been removed, similar to cow's milk powder. Soy milk powder has a white to beige colour and mixes readily with warm or cold water. It can be made of plain soy milk or can contain additional ingredients, such as sugar, flavours and calcium.
While it is not as common as cow's milk powder, soy milk powder can be found in some stores in the US. In Europe it is even more difficult to find, but can be easily ordered online. Popular brands of soy milk powder, which can be ordered online, are NOW Instant Soy Milk Powder and EcoMIL Instant Soya Drink Powder.

Benefits of soy milk powder

Soy milk powder contains all the good ingredients of soy milk. There are different reasons why you would buy soy milk powder instead of pre-packaged soy milk:
  • Soy milk powder is more environmental friendly.
    This sounds a bit contradictory since a lot of energy is required to remove the water. The process of dehydration is carried out in a sequence of evaporator units, where steam from the preceding unit is used as the heat source in the next unit, resulting in low energy consumption. Soy milk powder results in the use of less packaging waste, compared to soy milk packed in cartons.
  • Soy milk powder is easier to store and does not spoil. When you go on holiday and are not sure about the availability of soy milk at your destination, you can carry some soy milk powder with you.
  • Usually, soy milk powder is less expensive than pre-packaged soy milk brands.

Disadvantages of soy milk powder

The taste of soy milk made from soy milk powder will always be a bit inferior compared to commercial soy milk in cartons. The texture may be slightly sandy and the taste a bit bran like.

Comments (4)

Soy milk powder on holiday
iam going on holiday and would to take some dryed soya milk as l have lacto intolerance can you by it and if so were from?
#1 - Marion Petford - 02/14/2014
Soy milk powder on holiday
If you Google for "soy milk powder" you will find many places that sell it, for example
#2 - Rob - 02/14/2014
Soy milk powder
I buy soy milk powder from Now Foods. It is pure soy milk powder, so no added salt, sugars, thickeners or flavours. If you make milk from it, of course the taste is not that good than store-bought soy milk, but that is not a problem beacuse I mainly use it in recipes. And for Marion, it would be ideal to take on holiday.
#3 - David - 07/06/2014
Soymilk powder comments
Soymilk powder is a rich source of nutrient for kids and adults. I buy soybeans from the market ,fried it grind ,filter and use it to supplement my child food. My child refused to suck breast milk for a day so i used SMA gold milk till he became 4 months. Later i started using peak 123 with soymilk powder. Its been very good with my boy. Everybody knws about soymilk in Nigeria.
#4 - Kingsley-Tabs - 08/02/2014
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