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Soy Protein Producers

Below you can find the main industrial producers of industrial soy protein.


As more consumers are discovering the health benefits of soy, a growing number of food manufacturers have launched new products with DuPont ingredients. DuPont is a leading researcher, manufacturer and marketer of high quality soy ingredients such as soy protein, soy protein concentrates, textured soy protein, speciality lecithins and isoflavones concentrates. With global operations, DuPont offers knowledgeable staff, customer support and technical capabilities, combining local market insights with global expertise and experience to create customized solutions. DuPont invests in scientific research to investigate the relationship between soy protein and health.
Many of the studies initiated by the DuPont helped the US Food and Drug Administration to approve the cholesterol lowering health claim. Website: DuPont - Producer of Soy Proteins

Solbar Industries

Solbar Industries is a global leader in specialty soy proteins and soy isoflavones. The soy proteins of Solbar are used by food technologists to create better vegetarian analogues of meat, poultry and fish products. Functionality of soy protein translates in improving texture and lower production costs. Solbar has created many new isolated soy proteins and functional soy protein concentrates to provide solutions for the most complex products. The two main functions of Solbar soy proteins are the creation of strong gels or stable emulsions. All Solbar soy proteins and soy isoflavones are manufactured from non-GMO soybeans.

Cargill Soy Proteins

Cargill is active in many foods but they are also specialized in soy proteins. Cargill produces flavoured textured soy protein, imitation bacon bits, soy flour, Textratein textured soy protein and Prolisse soy protein isolate. Prolisse is specially developed for beverage applications, but can also be used in other foods. Prolisse soy protein has a subtle taste and superior solubility. By imparting better flavour, texture and mouth feel to foods, Prolisse soy protein can help food manufacturers expand their sales with healthy products that also taste great. Website: Cargill Soy Proteins


Because of Soya's nutritional value, I would like to promote its Growing, Processing, and Sale of its Products in Zambia, this Region, and Internationally. Being an Agent of the three largest Soya Producers would give me a kick start in this regard. I am a Retired Military Pilot; Graduate of Air University (USAF); Honorary citizen of the State of Alabama,USA; Now Farmer.+260976059467
Col Simeo G Musonda - 31/12/2014

Manufacture and exporter of Soy Protein Isolate

This is Junzeng Guo from Guanxian Ruixiang biotechnology development Co,.LTD.Our factory is one of the biggest manufacture and exporter of Soy Protein Isolate in Shandong province,China. We specialized for more than 6 years,and aim to export more than 3000mt NON-GMO soy protein per month to all over the word customers,any questions from your side,pls contact me,look forward our chance of cooperation,we promise to provide you the best quality product with our most competitive price. Email:
Junzeng Guo - 30/01/2016


we interest with your ISP for meat processing application for Indonesia market

texture soy protein

my company name is floyem pharmaceticals & chemicals ltd, based in Sachse,Texas. we export textured soy protein to Africa mainly Nigeria and Ghana. kindly contact me with your product details with FOB PRICE. JOSEPH GEORGE,,
JOSEPH GEORGE - 23/05/2018

soy protein isolated

Henry Guo from Shandong Kawah Oils Co.,Ltd. of China.
Manufacutre of Isolated soy protein,update lowest price FOB Qingdao,USD1900/MT
Contact me,for my information.
Henry Guo
Wechat: +8613563020531
Skype: junzengguo
Henry Guo - 23/08/2018

Isolate Soy Protein 90%

Guanxian Ruichang Trading Co.,ltd. From CHINA. It is producer of Isolate Soy Protein 90% and Vital wheat Gluten.Good quality with good price.
Send to me your inquiry.
Jason Li
Jason Li - 04/09/2018

chemist-enology(wine&sparking maker)Technology.

I am interested to buy an used small plant to produce isolate 90% to initiate an small factory for the dispersed small scale soy producers in the Tamaulipas State(Northern Mexico)
I am 84 years.I am PRIVATE FREE consultant for the Mexican agricultural minister Ing.Villalobos in order to increase the value of FOOD PRODUCTS (soy isolated,adding THEM NUTRITION value to the "tortillas"(corn product, who is the main food for farm poor children).
My real interest is to buy and install an small plant to help free to the poor people.
Now I am leaving in Ciudad de Mexico.
I can send my curricula :52 55342339
Cordially yours,

Manuel Benet G.
Retired wine maker in Spain(Girona,province)
Manuel Benet - 06/05/2019

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