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What is soy protein?

textured-soy-proteinSoy protein has been used since 1959 as ingredients for its functional properties in a variety of foods such as salad dressings, soups, vegetarian foods and meat imitations. Its functional properties are emulsification and texturizing. Recently the popularity of soy protein is increasing, mainly because of its health benefits. It has been proven that soy protein can help to prevent heart problems and many countries allow health claims for food, which are rich in soy protein.

In the US a soy protein health claim is allowed under the following conditions:
  • One serving must contain at least 6.25 grams of soy protein.
  • One serving may contain max 3 grams of fat, unless the product consists of or is derived from whole soy and contains no fat in addition to the fat inherently present in the whole soy. Of these 3 grams of fat max 1 gram may be saturated fat, representing max 15% of the total calories.
  • The serving must contain less than 20 milligrams of cholesterol.
  • The food must be low in sodium: less than 480 milligrams for an individual food, less than 720 milligrams for a main dish and less than 960 milligrams for a meal product.

Categories of soy proteins

Soy proteins can be divided into different categories according to their production method:
  • Soy protein isolate is the most refined form of soy protein and is mainly used in meat products to improve texture and eating quality. Soy protein isolate contains about 90 percent protein.
  • Soy protein concentrate is basically soybean without the water soluble carbohydrates. It contains about 70 percent of protein.
  • Textured soy protein, often called TSP, is made from soy protein concentrate by giving it some texture. TSP is available as dry flakes or chunks. It will keep its structure when hydrated. Hydrated textured soy protein chunks have a texture similar to ground beef. It can be used as a meat replacement or can be added to meat. Textured soy protein contains about 70 percent protein.


    soy protein

    I just switched to soy last week and I am sick a lot,too sick to there people that this doesn't agree with,i was using whey and if so what are the symtoms.i am weak and nauseated all day in bed.
    cindybrown - 05/12/2013

    Soy protein isolates

    Soy protein isolate is used in nutritional bars, supplements & powders, meat alternatives, non-dairy beverages. It is used to enrich the food & beverage product with protein. Soy flour with soy protein isolates can be used to increase the protein content, but soy protein isolates only cannot be used in bakery, soy flour must be used.
    Swati A Patil - 05/02/2014

    Healthy supplement

    In my view....
    Gone through many sites about soya, The soya found to be the best supplement for the vegetarians.
    This site is very informative.
    A good idea to add soya in daily meals.

    Ashwi - 09/02/2014

    RG Foods Ltd, Jessore, Bangldesh.

    we need soya protein chunk making metails for Productions Soyaprotein.w need Price list of Soya protein production metails. What is the price of per/ton raw metails Is This raw Metails Available? Please information us About All Things
    Nirmal Biswas - 15/09/2014


    We produce NON-GMO isolated soy protein, you can email to frank at to enquiry the latest price.
    Frank - 09/07/2015


    I have heard that during processing of Soya raw materials insects get produced and this whole material is crushed. After that finally desired Soya products are made. Conclusion:- we can't say that Soya products are pure vegetarian products. Please tell fact because I am pure vegetarian person
    Sushil Kumar - 30/09/2015

    Difference between soy protein and soya protein

    Is there a difference between soy protein and soya protein?
    tamara lockoski - 21/10/2015

    Difference between soy protein and soya protein

    There is no difference. Soy and soya are synonyms. Soy is used in the US, whereas soya is used in Europe.
    Rob - 21/10/2015

    Dog Food

    Hi Soybean protein is used in dog foods dry kibble...I'm just wondering is Soybean Protein good for dogs to be eating??? especially if the dog suffers with stomach problems, IBD, acid reflux etc...Soybean protein is in a dog food called Sensitive Digestion
    Susan - 14/01/2017

    preparing soya beans, soya flakes, soya grits?

    I need do I prepare these products?
    helen k - 16/04/2017

    preparing soya beans, soya flakes, soya grits?

    Whole soybeans, soy flakes and soy grit all have high protein content (about 40 to 54 per cent)and not refined (they contain all the nutrients of the soybean such as isoflavones, minerals, fibers). Whole soybeans can be made at home into tofu, soy milk, tempeh or soy pulp. You will find instructions on this website. There is not much difference between soy grits and soy flakes. Soy grits are grinded dehulled soybeans, whereas soy flakes are dehulled and cracked soybeans that have been pressed through rollers. Soy grits and flakes are often roasted to increase digestibility and to improve shelf life, and sometimes the oil is removed (to obtain defatted soy grits and flakes). Soy flakes can be used the way you use rolled oats. Soy grits can be added to cooked cereals, breads, soups, meat balls, casseroles, stews, etc. to improve texture and nutritional value.
    Rob - 16/04/2017

    youghurt application

    can i use soy protein isolate as DM for increase set youghurt texture?
    reza - 02/05/2017

    Athletic food and meat of poor man

    more protein 100g soybean 43percent protein good for health remove bad cholesterol .this poor man meat .used so many countries japan china thailand ect.
    HariKrishna - 27/05/2017

    The Menopause and soy protein

    Hi Iam a 54 yr old vegan women was told that soy protein disstrubs estrogen??? do u know?? As a vegan I bought vegan vegtarian patties by Yves
    Deborah - 08/06/2017

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