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How to make soy milk?

It's very easy to make soy milk at home. If you make soy milk on a daily basis you might find an automatic soymilk maker (also called soy milk machine) such as Soyajoy, Soylife, Miracle, Soyquick, Soyawonder or Vegan Star very helpful.

Step1: Ingredients

You need about 125 g whole soya beans to make 1 liter of soy milk.

Step2: Soaking and dehulling the soya beans

Clean the soya beans and soak them in water for 10 - 16 hours. Although not necessary, you can remove the hulls be kneading the soya beans and flushing the loose hulls with water. Removing the hulls makes the extraction process more efficient. An alternative is to crack the soya beans before soaking. The hulls come loose easily and can be washed away. When you use cracked soya beans you need less soaking time: 6 - 8 hours.

Step3: Heating the soya beans (optional)

Heating the soya beans will destroy enzymes which are responsible for the development of beany flavour. This heating can best be achieved by microwaving the wet soaked soya beans during 2 minutes.

Step4: Grinding the soya beans

Grind the soaked soya beans and 1 liter water in a blender. Sieve the mixture trough a cheese cloth and recover the soy milk. The insoluble material which remains on the sieve is called okara, and can be used as an ingredient for bread making or as cattle feed.

Step5: Boiling the soy milk

Heat the soy milk till boiling point and continue boiling for about 5 to 10 minutes. After cooling, the soy milk is ready and can be kept in the fridge for another 3 days.

Step6: Flavouring the soy milk (optional)

The soy milk can be drunk as such but taste can be improved by adding some salt (also cow milk contains a lot of salt).
With soy milk you can easily make your own fruit smoothie. Fruit smoothies are very healthy because they contain soy milk and a lot of fresh fruits.


Make soymilk from dehulled soybeans

Actually even if you dont dehull the soya bean you still can make good nice tasty soya milk. The reason you got beany taste is because you dont cook long even and it is not cooked by 'wet heat' with cover opened.
Ronald - 27/10/2013

Make soymilk from dehulled soybeans

I never remove the hulls, too much work! My soymilk and tofu taste nice. But I use soymilk maker.
Antonio - 27/10/2013

Fairview Farms Laura Soybeans

Laura Beans are supposedly the best for soymilk and tofu. The Chambers Family Farm's Food Soybeans are 100% NON-GMO and grown, tended, harvested and packaged their 5th generation family farm. Because of it's unique Non-Beany Flavor it makes excellent soymilk.
3girls4me - 27/10/2013

Soya milk smell

What should be added in soya milk to reduce it odor smell?
Kamlesh - 31/10/2013

Soya milk smell

Do you want to mask the beany flavor of homemade soy milk? It is important that you cook the soybeans before mixing to destroy enzymes that produce off-flavors. A soy milk maker will take care for this automatically. Whisking the soy milk while boiling will remove most of the beany flavor. You can also add a bit of vanilla flavor to mask it.
Rob - 31/10/2013

Make soybean milk

I am grateful for these comments. Was just put on soybean milk and the prices at the store are throat cutting. Now I can make my own milk. just boust 2kg of soybeans for $5. That will take a long time to get finished. Thanks
Name - 05/12/2013

Need to find a sieve to filter soy milk

I currently make my own soy milk on the stove, and have very effectively used a very fine 4 inch strainer with a relatively flat shaped ladle that I use to squeeze down on the okara. After cooking the soy in a large pot, I pour the slurry through the strainer. Once the strainer is full of okara, I squeeze down with the ladle and then I can knock the okara off into another container (it comes off completeley, leaving nothing on the strainer) and run more cooked soy through it. This system works fine for a gallon at a time, but with all my friends banging on the door for some......I want to grow to a larger capacity. I would like to find a larger sieve to use in this system. Does anyone know of a suitable product and who sells it in the usa????
Soy maker - 27/12/2013

Need to find a sieve to filter soy milk

Google for "laboratory sieves" and you will find a lot of places that sell these sieves. For example They seem to be quite expensive.
Rob - 27/12/2013

Spoiled soya milk

You should never drink spoiled soya milk because you never know if the bacteria that are present are friendly. Maybe you should soak the beans overnight and make fresh soya milk in the morning. A good soya milk maker is Soyajoy, which you can find on Ebay or Amazon, but they are shipped from the US.
Rob - 23/06/2014

Soy milk curdles as soon as I try to boil it

You recommend boiling the soy milk for 3 to 10 minutes, others boil for as long as 20 minutes but my milk curdled in the pot as soon as it started boiling.
When I tried to boil a little raw left over milk for my baby goat in the microwave, it just curdled instantly. Could the acidity of my borehole water be too high and what can I do about it when making soy milk?
Pieter - 15/10/2014

Soy milk curdles as soon as I try to boil it

Is there anybody out there who has experienced similar problems or knows somebody with the knowledge to give some indication as to why my soy milk curdles as soon as I try to boil it? Please help.
Pieter - 24/10/2014

Soy milk curdles as soon as I try to boil it

Maybe your borehole water contains too much minerals such as calcium or magnesium. These minerals are used to curdle soy milk for making tofu.
Rob - 24/10/2014

Nutritional aspect of soya milk

Very interesting article about Soya milk. But, I want to known about the nutritional aspect of soya milk when it boils or being used for cooking.
Chandralal Kalansooriya - 07/11/2014

Oiliness in Soy Milk

I have been making soya milk but I couldn't remove the oiliness and the thickness of the milk (I use 1:7 ratio -i cup soya beans, 7 cups water...) when mixed with coffee even after adding the same amount of water to the milk. Any suggestions to get a proper consistency of soy milk? I have not tried boiling the soya beans after soaking though...
Leah - 10/11/2014

Make soy milk from soy flour

Here is recipe for making soya milk from soya flour.

1 cup soya flour
3 cups water

Have two large saucepans ready. Combine soya flour and 3 cups water in 1 saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, stirring constantly with a spoon. Stir and cook until foam begins to rise. Remove from heat, pour soya milk through cloth-lined colander into second pan, pressing down to remove all liquid. Bring soya milk to a boil and simmer 5 minutes.
Elma - 14/01/2015

How I make my soya milk

Ingredients: 1/2 cup whole soya beans, 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and one pinch salt. Clean whole soybeans or cotyledons by removing dirt and damaged soya beans. Drop soya beans directly into three cups boiling water containing 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and blanch for five minutes. Drain and rinse with hot water. Grind the blanched soya beans with three cups very hot water for three minutes using blender setting at high speed. Cool till warm to touch and filter through cheese cloth by squeezing. Simmer soya milk on a stove for 20 minutes. Stir occasionally. Add salt, sugar and flavors as desired.
Susanne - 20/01/2015

out of curiosity!

Hi good pm! i knew that grinding soybeans with the addition of water would result to soy slurry. if the ratio would be 1kg soybean is to 5kg of water, thus yield 6kg soy slurry,how much of okara will be recovered? thanks ahead for the quick response.
Victor - 13/02/2015

out of curiosity!

You will get about 1.5 kg of okara. That is measured on very firm okara. If it is more liquid it will be more like 2 kg.
Rob - 13/02/2015

Natural soya milk

After reading the recipe on this page I now prepare fresh natural soya bean milk for schools. I used the okara to prepare nutritious banku for the family.
Baah Charles - 28/03/2015

You haven't had soymilk until you make it yourself

I love making soya, and then drying the okara in my dehydrator. I then vacuum seal and toss in the freezer. I do the same thing with the residual lees from my nutmilk, love to use in baking or in burgers/meatloaf, etc. You can even use in body scribe and face masks. I wanted to share a recipe for Edamame Milk, yes, I used immature soybeans. Delicious.
200 gram edamame, hulled
8 cups (2 liter) water
2 pandan leaves, knotted -optional-
8 tablespoon sugar, or to taste
Instructions: Cover hulled edamame in room temp water and wait for 30-45 minutes and then drain, rinse again and transfer to a blender. Top with 4 cups of water and process until smooth. Line a strainer/colander with muslin cloth (or a thin kitchen towel), pour the processed edamame through the strainer/colander/nutmilk bag, squeeze to get every last drop of the liquid. Return the edamame pulp back to the blender, top with another 4 cups of water, and repeat the process (step 2) one more time. Bring the edamame liquid and pandan leaves to a boil on low to medium heat. Once it boils, let it simmer for 5 more minutes. Turn off heat, then add the sugar and stir until the sugar has fully dissolved. Serve immediately, or chilled in the fridge.
--The first time you make this use only 2 tbsp sugar and sweeten as needed. You may find the edamame milk naturally sweet. You can use sweeteners like cane or palm sugar-honey-maple syrup-molasses-sorghum-use dates or figs-yacon,etc. Enjoy!
I often use recipes from this page, check it out-
Gotta run, I have soybeans cooling, making some soy sauce, a liter of miso and a few pounds of peanut-soy-garbanzo tempeh!!
Sara - 17/04/2015

any other ingredient

Do i need to add any other ingredient to it like sugar flavour milk or what. Thanks
fumit - 30/05/2015

any other ingredient

That depends on your taste preference. Plain soy milk has a very bland taste. Adding a little bit of salt and sugar will improve the taste considerably. I prefer to add cacao powder, vanilla flavor, salt and sweeteners (no sugar).
Rob - 30/05/2015

Soy milk curdles as soon as I try to boil it

Peter, if your milk curdles, it may means the amount of water in it is not adequate. It happens to me until I discovered what the prob was. I was trying to make thick milk and I ended up with curdled milk...looking like cheese.
pritislim - 31/05/2015

Foam on soya milk

When boiling d soya bean milk. The foaming is it there any need to removed foam when boiling?
Benson - 04/06/2015

Foam on soya milk

The foam on soya milk is not poisonous. It is often removed but that is more for aesthetic reasons (the soya milk looks more smooth).
Rob - 04/06/2015

soy anything harmful

Isn't there something poisonous in the hulls or skin of soy beans? Can this be given to infants/babies? I read somewhere there are properties in soy that are harmful..what is the best way to remove them,if so.. thank you for the recipe above,
jane - 02/07/2015

improve the duration of soya milk preservation

for how long can the soya milk stay before it spoiled and how can I improve the duration of its preservation
alkamar - 23/07/2015

How to eliminate yellow color

How can I eliminate yellow color of soy-milk. I want white color as cow milk.....please say what chemical can i mix
S Banerjee - 26/07/2015

How to eliminate yellow color

The color of your soy milk depends on the color of the soybeans that you use. Some soybeans are more yellowish than others. Also it is important that the soybeans are fresh because they get darker as the age as result of natural oxidation. I don't know of any chemicals that can be used to improve the color of soy milk. Commercial soy milk never contains such chemicals.
Rob - 26/07/2015

Nothing poisonous

There is nothing poisonous. You might have heard about some of the stuff in soybeans that is there to block digestion of certain other things, which boiling takes care of. Phytates is one of them, I believe. Pretty much the best approach is to ferment them if full nutrition is what you're going for, but with soy milk you're fine when it comes to poisons.
Now there are people that swear up and down that soybeans have estrogen in them and make guys into girls, blah blah. They don't take into account that it's not estrogen, it's phytoestrogens. Isoflavone is one of them, and it has very weak hormonal actions. It's most accurate for me to say that there's been nothing found scientifically (and conclusively, just speculation) saying that soybeans have any poison.
Dan - 02/08/2015

How safe is soy milk for infants?

Hi, I just stumbled on your page now and I found it very educative and as an eye opener. But pls I would like to know how safe is it if it were to be used as an infant feed. Thanks for your help.
Tutu - 20/08/2015

Alternatives to cheese cloth

Any other alternatives to cheese cloth during sieving?
Gautam - 21/08/2015

Alternatives to cheese cloth

You can also use a dish cloth, a tofu pressing cloth or a nut milk bag. Making nut milk is becoming very popular and now you can buy nut milk bags for this purpose.
Rob - 22/08/2015

Nutritional value

Does making soy milk decrease soya beans protein value as the okara is removed .which has more proteins 125 g boiled soy beans or 1 litre soy milk.
Gautam - 22/08/2015

soya milk turned in thick like porridge

Hi, I extracted soya milk and on boiling it turned thick like porridge and not like milk :(
Note: Not able to deskin even after 12hrs of soaking, is the soya bean i used is too dry?
Vani - 24/08/2015

soya milk turned in thick like porridge

Maybe the water that you use is too hard (too much calcium and/or magnesium). Or the beans got acidified (lactic acid fermentation) during soaking in warm water. The lactic acid will coagulate the soy milk.
Rob - 24/08/2015

soya milk preservative

Hi,I want to know there is any safe preservative for soya milk? And what is it?
sammy akpor - 30/08/2015

soya milk preservative

As far as I know it is not possible to chemically preserve soya milk. Common preservatives such as sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate only work in foods with low pH, such as fruit drinks and sour salads. Many producers claim that their soya milk is preservative free, but this claim does not make sense since preservatives are never added to lengthen the shelf-life of soya milk.
Rob - 30/08/2015

soya milk preservative

i use sodium benzoate only to find out that it changed the color and taste of soya... do you have other option?
renesausa - 05/09/2015

soya milk preservative

According to a recent study, it is possible to preserve soybean milk with sodium benzoate, but only for about 2 weeks and when stored cooled. Also the soybean milk should be first pasteurized. The quanity of sodium benzoate is quite high and will influence the taste. "Results obtained showed that sodium benzoate at a concentration of 700-800 ppm along with refrigeration was able to control the proliferation of mesophilic aerobic bacteria maintaining them within the levels of 3×103 for up to 13 days of storage at refrigeration temperature. At room temperature, it was possible to control the proliferation of mesophilic aerobes to 3×103 for only four days with up to 800 ppm of sodium benzoate. Yeasts and molds were controlled to the permissible levels of 3×103 for 8 days when 600- 800 ppm of sodium benzoate was used while lower concentrations of 100-500 ppm were able to achieve preservation for only 7 days at room temperature." Source: J.E. Momoh, C.E. Udobi and A.A. Orukotan. Improving the Microbial Keeping Quality of Home Made Soymilk Using a Combination of Preservatives, Pasteurization and Refrigeration. British Journal of Dairy Sciences 2(1): 1-4, 2011.
Rob - 05/09/2015

soya milk preservative

Hi guys all i know to some commercial soy milk is made completely sterile by heating at very high temperature during short time (for example 30 sec at 135°C). This you can not achieve in your kitchen, even boiling will not kill all bacteria. Your utensils may also contain some bacteria well its depends anyway for you how you manage things into your house etc by the way this is the first time i been here so i just reading some of your comment guys and nice to meet all of you also i hope my opinion helps its just for hygiene:) Thanks and god bless. Kindly Regards.
Ronald28 - 05/09/2015

Make soy milk

I see so many recipes for soy milk. I have done this for years.. --
I wash a couple of pounds of non GMO soy beans (picked). I soak the beans for 12 hours, drain and rince til the water is clear. Then I grind the beans (most of them).. and put the ground beans in ziplock freezer bags - about a cup in each and freeze.
I take a cup of ground soy beans and about a quart of filtered water. bring it to temperature (a soft coddling boil) and I stir constantly, for a 12 - 15 minutes at the low boil - removing foam is usually not necessary as it forms at a higher heat. Then I pour it through a single layer of cheese cloth in a strainer into a clean jar.
That is it - I add it to green drinks, make custards out of it, use it as an emulsifier for pimento cheese instead of mayo. I use it anywhere I need milk or cream.
I do not add sugar or vanilla or honey or salt. it is just a nice thick creamy soymilk.
I use the okara in beans or soups or chili.. or add a little butter and eat as a cereal..
I have been looking around to see what others do and found your blog - thought I would add my recipe.
Martha - 08/09/2015

Make soy milk

Thanks martha for such a nice recipe, does it not curdle while making custard. Im planning to make soy milk today. Let me know if a normal mixer grinder helps in grinding the soaked soy beans or it needs a special grinder ??
Bhargavi G - 08/09/2015

Nutritional benefit

Does soyaflour good for infant feeding.
Janet - 17/09/2015


Chemical reduction of ion strength and oxidation reduction potential consolidation near -ve ORP will enable the sodium benzoate at 800 ppm preserve soy milk for weeks. To achieve this, simply boil and cool the steeping and process water with 100 ppm EDTA added. Add trace ginger, cloves and garlic oil to improve flavour and shelf life. Use citrate/caseinate buffer to keep the final soy milk pH between 5.5 and 5.9. Don't forget to add lecithin emulsifiers. We can make soy milk the way nature synthesised cow or human milk as guide. I helped a doctoral thesis student on soy milk overcome the stability and coagulation problems using brewing principles. Malting the soybean grains will reduce the being off flavour. Email
Chimdindu Osuagwu - 19/09/2015

Boiling before straining

Can the extracted milk from soybeans be boiled before straining it?the flavour to add should it be liquid or powdered
Hertty - 21/09/2015

soya milk machine

I am in SriLanka. I could not find Soya Milk machine in here.How can I barrow it.
M K Somasiri De Alwis - 07/10/2015


I boiled my soya beans till it's tender before dehulling it I grinded it and boiled the water for 45 minutes. I did not remove remove the Okara, hope there's no problem.
Maureen - 10/10/2015

How to make powered soya milk

Can I know how to make powered soya milk. How should preserve it for 6 months.
Victor - 11/10/2015

Soymilk curdled overnight in the fridge

I need help , can i still drink even when my soymilk has thickened or curdled after overnight in the fridge? It doesnt taste spoiled but the teture is scary. Does anybody experience this?
Please share and thank you.
Mayee - 22/10/2015

Soymilk curdled overnight in the fridge

I would not eat it. Maybe the temperature in your fridge is too high. You should check it with a thermometer.
Rob - 23/10/2015

How to make powered soya milk

I a afraid that you cannot make soya milk powder at home. Soy milk powder is made in huge towers where the milk is sprayed at the top and as the small drops fall down they evaporate in the hot air and become powder as they reach the bottom.
Rob - 23/10/2015

soymilk maker

I have a soymilk maker and it is really easy to make soymilk using it.
MaRecipes - 25/10/2015

Tofu from home made soy milk

How can I make tofu from the home made soy milk?
Anjali bansal - 06/11/2015

Soya Beans and Water

I am just being confused as I read a lot of article on how to make a soy milk. I just would like to know if what is the right ration of soya beans to water? How many cups of water do I need for every cup of soy beans? Thanks for the answers.
Junniel - 07/11/2015

It is very easy to make soy milk powder. It would only come out in chokolate not white. However getting it white is still possible but longer process.I have a product in the market now ELANSOYA milk and pulp. Send me a mail we can start something.Thanks
Daniel Wiseman - 27/11/2015

Powdered Soya Milk

You can make powdered Soya milk at home depending on the flavour you want. Either the brown powder or the milk powder. For the brown powder, pick your soy beans, fry it, break in in the mill, remove the husk, then Grind it to powder. For milk or white powder soy beans, boil the soy beans, remove the husk, dry in the sun, before frying, then Grind to powder in the milk. Store in airtight containers you are good to go. In Nigeria as babies or children food, you can add dried unripe plantain, crayfish or Groundnut while grinding to powder, Enjoy!
Nonystica - 04/12/2015

please how can i preserve soya milk for up to 3 months. i dont mean putting on the fridge. I mean which Bio preservative can i use because i want to produce on commercial scale.
Napoleon - 16/12/2015


Can you explain further. What kind of oil do you fry it in and for how long
Lollly - 25/12/2015

roast the soya beans

At our place we roast the soya beans before grinding, we don't fry. Thank you
Oke - 05/01/2016

No - strain soy milk recipe.

Hi guys,
By accident, I made a soy milk that will not need straining, and I'm amazed at how the taste improves greatly.
I dehull the beans, put them in water for 8-10 hours, getting rid of the remaining hulls every now and then and the next day i discard the water.
For every cup of beans, I use 6 cups of water. Next, I put the beans in a pot and add the 6 cups of water and bring them to a boil for 6 to 8 minutes. I add 2 teaspoons of sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of salt, let cool and blend for 2 minutes in intervals.
Finally, just pour into the milk jar and let cool. In three years of making soy milk, that's the closest to cow milk flavor I have gotten.

As a final note, I tried to strain it and none of the methods I used worked, so I'm drinking it like that and I love it!!!
Milton Zuluaga - 09/01/2016

Preserve my soya milk

How do I preserve my soya milk without using freezer for at least three months
Joy - 22/01/2016

Soy Beans

I want to start making Soymilk for my family. Where can i get good soybeans in Brussels.
SoyMilk1 - 02/02/2016

Soy Beans

You can find them at the Bioshop, Bioplanet or most Asian shops.
Rob - 02/02/2016

soya milk curdles immediately i put it over heat

pls what do I do,my soya milk has curdled immediately i put it to boil and I do not know what to is not thick yet the water has separated from the milk
chidimma - 03/02/2016

soya milk curdles immediately i put it over heat

See earlier discussion above. Maybe the water that you use is too hard (too much calcium and/or magnesium). Or the beans got acidified (lactic acid fermentation) during soaking in warm water. The lactic acid will coagulate the soy milk.
Rob - 03/02/2016

Has anyone tried blending the brand with less water initially, then adding more. The reason I ask is that I discovered with rice milk, if my first blend is a 1:2 radio, rice: water, I get a wrongful creamy texture with no grit and literally nothing to strain. Just wondering if that might work with soy milk. Getting ready to try it for the first time.
Kim - 14/02/2016

soya milk thickens

hello, we were making soya milk last night, we made 30 12oz bottles of it and placed it in the fridge, this morning we checked, 10 bottles got thick, what possibly could have caused this? the other bottles are ok,
tatz - 14/02/2016

Method used.

In order to know how that happened, you have to tell us what method you used to make the milk.
Milton Zuluaga - 16/02/2016

curdling soya milk on boiling

Hoping to make my soya milk, the whole lot just started curdling as it started heating up. It was such disappointment. What could have been the cause. I have prepared some soya milk a few weeks before without any problem
Akos - 22/02/2016

how to fix curdled soy milk

I have prepared soymilk a week before without any problem and it was perfect. but now when I tried it again following the same process and with the same ingredients, it just curdled on heating :( how do i fix it?
joy - 23/02/2016

how to preserve my soymilk

How do I preserve my soymilk for at least six months without freezing.Can honey be used.Thanks
Mohammed zakia - 14/03/2016

soya milk for infant feeding

In the Eastern part of Nigeria, we use soybeans powder for infant feeding from six months old, but we make sure that it is well heated and well-done in other not irritate the kids digestive system and cause stooling. I have also found out that the cause of curdling of the soya-milk is the addition of insufficient water during preparation. The lighter the better.
Nkachukwu Stephena - 19/03/2016

Made soya milk

I made soya milk yesterday for the first time, following your instructions and it came out perfect. My family love it. I added honey to my first cup. This evening I drank a glass with cake. No sweetening. Thanks for all the instructions and comments.
Ng nwosu - 19/03/2016

how to make soyamilk

i love this page...knowing how anything you want to do...for good,and learn more...
niz araiz - 26/03/2016

Soya Milk

Thanks for all such lovely comments and for sharing experience , thanks a lot .
Devendra K - 01/04/2016

my first batch of soymilk

Thanks for the recipes and everyone's comments. Big help! Anyway this is what I did and it's fabulous! I made my first batch of milk ever and I got about 750ml. After reading the comments above I decided to soak my beans in the fridge so they wouldn't start to ferment. Then I blitzed them with filtered water in my blender. I used a clean new kitchen towel and a sieve to strain. I had to gather the corners of the towel and squished it to get the milk out. As I didn't need to use straight away I put it into a glass jar, sealed and processed the filled jar in boiling water for 5 minutes. Then I cooled it in iced water and refrigerated just to be safe.
Tanaya - 11/04/2016

how to preserve TOFU

tofu made starts smelling sour and taste sour inspite of keeping under four degree celcius . What should we do which preservative to ve added and quantity kindly help. we purchased pottasium sorbate food grade but we do not know how much to add and how ..
devendra - 11/04/2016

how to preserve soy milk

pls how do I preserve my soy milk I made soy milk the following morning it spoiled .
ifeoma - 15/04/2016


BEULAH - 19/04/2016

Please am worried , i want to know if my soya milk have spoilt. after following the process of making soya milk, I added ginger, garlic, and vanila flavour . I pour it in a bottle to refrigerate but it becomes thick like pap . I was worried .
Ife - 03/05/2016

soaking of soyabeans

Please i am making soyamilk and forgot to soak it but just went ahead to cook after picking the stones. Can i go ahead with it since i didnt soak over night. Is it safe,please tell me what to do.
nkechi oz - 21/05/2016

Nkechi yes it's safe, just boil

And remove skin. If you can't remove skin, it's still fine. Grind, heat and strain. I can make soya powder by per boiling the soya bean. Removing the skin. Drying in the son or if you have an oven, drying in there( if in the sun) then fry with no oil or anything added. You're basically roasting it. Then grind into fine powder. Best blender for it is vitamix. It'll grind everything to powder. I drink it with garri, and a little sugar or leak it as it lol. yumyum!
Nne - 30/05/2016


Wow I can't wait to try this. I soaked the soybean in water and put it in the fridge. In the morning I'll blend it, remove the okara, then boil it for 10 minutes and begin enjoying one of my new regular source of calcium.
Daniel - 04/06/2016

how to make soy milk feel creamier

Hello guys, great posts...ihave learned a lot. I attempted making soy milk (because I recemtly fell in love with vitamilk) , and it turned out ok. Except the consistency is nowhere near that of vitamilk. Vitamilk feels creamy while mine turned out really light. I used 4 cups of beans per cup of water. Soaked, dehulled, blended, strained , boiled and refridgerated. What could I add to my soy milk to achieve that richer and creamier feel?
emeka - 04/06/2016

soy milk preservatives

I would appreciate if anyone could tell me how to preserve home made soy milk for at least 3days without refrigerating
chInwr - 13/06/2016

too watery.

I experimented with soya beans today and it came out too watery. Is it suppose to be that way or I added too much water while sieving? Comments will be much appreciated. Thanks guys.
priscilla - 19/06/2016

how to prwserve a soya milk for at least 1 year

Please I need to know, how to preserve soya milk for at least six months
richard - 29/07/2016


Greetings to all forum members. This is such a wonderful platform i have come across and enjoyed but u all gone already. Kindly i want to get more details from Nonystica please i will be glad if you sent me your contact. Thanks in advance.
Pross Gladys - 19/08/2016


I just finished my first batch. Amazing!. Had fun doing this with my kid's thanks
annette - 29/08/2016

Cut soy milk odor

You can use vanilla essence to cut soy milk odor... Thanx
Gagan Singh - 07/09/2016

Why are you straining?

Is there some real reason to strain? I just make it in my soy milk machine and drink it like that its loads better than straining it.
Christine Grayson - 11/09/2016

Curdling of soy milk

Hi, it was my second time making soy milk, but this time it seemed curdle in a few hours. Why did this happen. Could it be due to not keeping it in refrigerator early an, as i kept it outside to let it cool down a bit?
Kanav - 21/09/2016

soya milk coagulates

when l bought my soya bean l pick the bad once and grinded it to powder immediately then took some with water and boiled until the foam goes down then p now sieve it then put it in the refrigerator for 2 days it coagulate is it good to take again
utulu Temitope - 12/10/2016

How to prepare tofu.

Great and friendly forum you have here. Thanks. I have been all about to get someone to tell me and my wife step by step if making our home made soy milk. Thank God I. Found you and got my answer. But now we need step by step of how to prepare TOFU. Please help. It's urgent! Thanks and hid bless! Shalom!
Emmanuel - 13/11/2016

Please how long can I preserve my soya milk. And wat other things can i add to make it more nutricious. can i add pineapple or other fruits.
mercy - 29/11/2016

how many hours

please today is the first day I will try making soy milk, but I only have soy milk powder at home, which I bought in the market and grind it immediately,this is how I prepared it: I added water to the powder, used the blender to mix it well, sieve it and pour it into the pot, I cooked for about 2 hours o because I don't know how many hours exactly but it curdled and the beany smell still remains o. please somebody advice me on the right way to do this. thanks
abdulsalam ZAINAB - 20/12/2016

Home made soy milk preservatives

thanks for this information. Recently i am working on a project to see if any additive or preservative can help in preserving our home made soy milk at least for 1month under room temperature. sodium benzoate changes it taste. it will be helpful if anyone can suggest other preservatives that has been tried. thanks.
Eucharia I - 16/01/2017

soya milk production

how do I preserve soya milk, flavoured and bottled in a large quantity?
Emmanuel fadumo - 24/01/2017

soy milk turned into something like okro fluid

Hi guys,after following the normal process, soy milk making and placing the milk in the fridge, after sometime the soy milk turned like okro fluid. Can anyone help me know why.
My First time - 27/01/2017

To preserve soybean at least 3 months

I am not getting success to preserve soybean long period of time.I would very thankful if any one provide me the effective method to preserve it.
suresh - 12/02/2017

Soy milk curdling in coffee

I have just made my very first batch of soymilk, using double filtered water. Problem is, now when I add it to coffee, the whole cup curdles. It disappears on stirring, but there is still a beany flavour left behind also. I boiled the soymilk as suggested for a good 10 minutes, but I left the lid on. The milk itself is undrinkable, (too beany and slightly bitter. What have I done wrong? Any help would be gratefully received :-)
Pamula Furness - 17/02/2017

Check acidity of your water

For Milk Curdling Problem it might be because your water is too acidic so use Bottled Water and or try adding calcium carbonate
Sunny - 21/02/2017

Non-Beany Tasting Soymilk Recipe

I won't list all the recipe's I've tried to get non-beany tasting soymilk. NONE worked for me.
The ONLY way I have ever found to NOT get beany tasting soymilk is:
1. Boil on low - 2 cup of unsoaked soybeans for 1.5 hours to 2 hours.
2. Remove and rinse - skins on/off, doesn't matter.
3. Put half of the cooked soybeans in blender with 5 cups water (or less if you water stronger soymilk) and blend for a few minutes.
4. Strain through a cut off and tied panty hose leg piece a few times (stretch over a bowl, tied end down). *Even the finest wire mesh is not fine enough.
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the remaining cooked beans.
6. That's it! Makes about 2 quarts.
SDP in Sedona - 26/02/2017

Which method is best

1. cooking beans -> blending --> straining
2. blending raw beans -> cooking --> straining
3. blending raw beans -> straining --> cooking

I tried last method, but it has a lot of foam even before cooking. should I scoop them out?
UKshoes - 07/03/2017

Which method is best

The first method is the best. This will destroy the enzymes that create bitter and beany taste.
Rob - 08/03/2017

best method or not

i have been using the las method for my soy milk and it comes out great everytime. i add different things to make it taste even better. caramel syrup, chocolate syrup, honey, etc. lots of optiond to enjoy good soymilk.
Kaddy - 13/03/2017

Hello everyone thanks for all the wonderful ideas of how to make soy milk but then i don't know if i am the only person who has this idea of using a pressure cooker or pot to make soymilk. Is it goin to work? Would it taste like the industrial made soymilk? who can give me a good theory of what might possibly happen if i use a pressure pot or cooker to boil my soymilk.Thanks
Sofphee - 03/05/2017

My soy milk separates faster leaving water on top

I don'tknow what went wrong. I picked my beans, I socked the soy beans in water for 24 hours. Rinsed it twice, then blend it with no much water. I sieved it to remove the okara and get my milk. Then I boiled the milk for 30 minutes with the cover of the pot open to aid constant stirring, and packaged it. I notice that my milk separates from the water (a little then) while boiling and also separates clearly as I packaged it in my final rubber bottles. Please can anyone tell me what I did wrong and how to prevent this from happening again.
Dian - 17/05/2017

My soy milk separates faster leaving water on top

This has been addressed in earlier post. I think that the water that you use is too hard (too much calcium and/or magnesium). Or the beans got acidified (lactic acid fermentation) during the long soaking process of 24 hours. The lactic acid will coagulate the soy milk. Please try using other (softer) water and only soak for 8 hours.
Rob - 18/05/2017

Will it yield good amount of milk?? ¿¿

Boiling and then blending seems like a pretty smart method. But my question is_ has anyone compared the milk quality n quantity with the other methods such as blending->cooking->straining or blending ->cooking->straining. Meanwhile, pals jux have me cleared on this thought, when using the boiling then blending method, do I have to presoak the beans?????
Then please for how long, considering this specie is really tough. . . . .
Finally, whats the boil duration?
Dnky - 25/05/2017

Removing colour of Soya Milk

Kindly suggest me any method to remove the yellowish colour of soya milk? I need its colour white for sale. I've tried to soak it in water for 12 Hours too but no change in colour. I guess my soya beans type produces yellow colour milk but I do not have any other type so please suggest any process to make its colour white. I'll be very grateful to you.
Malik Siddique Mahmood - 26/07/2017

to remove smel of beans

Sorry, i need to know how to remove the smel and tast of beans in my soybeans milk as soft drink.
aloyce willson - 22/08/2017

Keep it simple

Martha's post from 2015 is one of the best and closest to what I do. Measure your beans and soak overnight. Next day, drain and rinse. I take one cup of beans and 4 cups water, blend. I often do two batches at a time. Bring SLOWLY to 180 degrees F. Reduce temperature to hold there for about 20 minutes. When done, filter. I just use plain white cloth handkerchiefs that I don't use for anything else. Those wanting to get rid of the smell, you're not cooking it long enough. 5-10 minutes isn't long enough. You need about 20 minutes. Be patient. For those wanting to preserve it, this is not a good idea. This is for short term. The companies that make milk shelf stable have facilities that you don't have access to. Assume that you need to use this within 3 days. Personally, I make enough for about two days at a time. Get into a habit, and the preparation doesn't take that long.

For those having problems with thickening, again, don't hold this product long. Also, use filtered water. ALSO, very important, use LOW TEMPERATURE. You're dealing with a high protein substance. Higher temperatures will have different effects on proteins than lower temperatures. Start with a medium low temperature, enough to get it to 180. Then turn it down a little lower and hold for 20 minutes. You're not going to make the process faster or better by turning the temperature higher. It will cause a totally different chemical reaction than what you want.
For those concerned about the color, the color is the least of any concerns. You're not going to get a pure white milk. It all depends on the beans. Some are whiter, some are yellower. This is mother nature. It'll be fine. Don't worry about it.
J Thomas - 31/08/2017

soya milk processing

It has been experimented and perfectly done but what can I do to preserve it for a long time?
Sadare Abiodun - 11/01/2018


who out there has made soy Yogurt
afri - 30/01/2018

Soy milk preservation (atleast 2weeks)

Tried all I can but it just ended up getting spoilt.
Nicky - 13/02/2019

How to preserve fresh soybeans milk
jecinta - 12/01/2020

soy milk coagulate

I prepared soy milk the first time it came out fine but the second I prepared it the soy milk coagulate. Please I need what is the cause and solution to it.
Oluchi - 25/01/2020

Managing Director

i need a recipe to make soya pieces from soya beans
bright sagawa - 30/01/2020

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