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Benefits of Soy Milk

As the taste of commercial soy milk improves more and more people are drinking it as enjoyment. But many people drink soy milk for the added health benefits. So what are the benefits of drinking soy milk as compared to cow's milk?

Benefit 1: Soy milk contains only vegetables proteins

Vegetable proteins have the advantage that they cause less loss of calcium through the kidneys. It is known that a diet rich in animal (and dairy protein) creates a higher risk for osteoporosis.

Benefit 2: Soy milk contains no lactose

About 75 percent of the world population cannot tolerate lactose. Some ethnic groups are more affected than others. For example 75 percent of Africans and 90 percent of Asians have lactose intolerance.
As an additional benefit, soy milk contains the prebiotic sugars stachyose and raffinose. These prebiotic sugars boost immunity and help decrease toxic substances in the body.

Benefit 3: Fewer people are allergic to soy milk

Only 0.5 percent of the children are allergic to soy milk, whereas 2.5 percent is allergic to cow's milk.

Benefit 4: Soy milk reduces cholesterol

The saturated fats in cow's milk are unhealthy and increase your cholesterol. The protein in cow's milk has no benefits for the cholesterol. Soy protein can decrease cholesterol levels. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration of US) confirms that soy protein, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may significantly reduce the risk of coronary heart. The FDA recommends to incorporate 25 grams of soy protein in your daily meals.

Benefit 5: Soy milk contains no hormones

Cow's milk contains natural hormones (from the cow) but also synthetic hormones, which can influence the good working of our own body. The synthetic hormone rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) increase milk production by as much as 20 percent.

Benefit 6: Soy milk does not cause insulin dependent diabetes

Although no general consensus exists among scientists, some studies have shown an association between drinking cow's milk in early life and the development of insulin dependent diabetes. This association does not exist with soy milk.

Benefit 7: Soy milk is rich in isoflavones

The presence of isoflavones is the most important and unique benefit of soy milk. Each cup of soy milk contains about 20 mg isoflavones (mainly genistein and daidzein). Cow's milk does not contain isoflavones. Isoflavones have many health benefits including reduction of cholesterol, easing of menopause symptoms, prevention of osteoporosis and reduction of risk for certain cancers (prostate cancer and breast cancer). Incidents of these cancers are very low in countries with high intake of soy products, including soy milk. Isoflavones are also antioxidants which protect our cells and DNA against oxidation.



I hate how people assume that soy products and soy milk are the same.
Listen, ANY over processed food is bad for you. Over eating on ANYTHING AT ALL is bad for you! Period! But that doesn't mean that soy milk is. I drink soy milk every day... pretty much at every meal! I love chocolate soy milk and it makes me feel better about myself since I can't drink regular milk all the time or I get sick.
The studies done on soy milk have come up with SOME bad side effects, but the numbers of those participants that had bad side effects were so small, and it's even possible that something else in their body could have just not agreed with soy! With all the problems with human health these days, someone could have gotten sick from something else that was already dormant within them, but since they're on a soy milk diet, they blame it on the soy milk. It's actually very good for you, and it's VERY nice for the lactose intolerant.
veggiehugger - 28/10/2013

chemical additivies in soy milk

Soy milk had nothing to do with whatever cause your acne to breakout. It is something to do with preservative, colour, artifical synethics vitamin D or A in it. Lots of soy milk nowadys in supermarket are all have chemical additivies in it that same goes to cow milk which our body cannot absorb. Many people allergies to cow milk because the way it produced boil into high degree to kill all the bad bacteria as well the good one left with no enzymes & added with all this artifical synehics vitamin D. The best way is learn how to look at the ingredients.Look for organic one without nasty additivies or make your own soy milk. There machine you buy to make your own.
Lyn - 11/11/2013

almond milk, goat milk

Thought I'd post something that has been beneficial to me, my diet, and my skin health. I've eliminated all dairy from my diet, and currently use almond milk, or goat's milk for cooking/eating. neither of which have any artificial hormones or lactose.
guest avoiding cows milk - 11/11/2013


soya drink without milk can it cause heart burns ulcers and riflux pls advice.
salim saleh - 20/03/2014


Does soy milk kill systemic parasites in humans?
Jeffrey van Vogt - 26/04/2014

Soy Milk for Diabetic/Cardio Issues

I finally stopped drinking cow's milk after years of bloating and LDL around 130...Soy milk taste great! Question is I've heard soy milk could cause breast cancer and endocrine issues. Is this right or am I being a "chicken little". Also, do they also mean MEN for breast cancer or just women?
Charlie - 08/07/2014

Pl. let me know the quantity of soy milk we can consume in a day i am 59 yrs old & my husband 70 yrs He is diabetic and i have blood pressure
Arundhati - 22/09/2014

umm goats milk is still dairy @ the person who said they have eliminated ALL dairy -giggles-
Goat milk = dairy - 11/12/2014

Too much soy milk?

I was just wondering if there's any health risk of drinking too much soy milk? I generally buy 4 (1.5L) jugs and I go through it every 3 to 4 days. I get a little big of help from my two sisters, but I mostly consume the most. I'm a vegetarian (no meat of any kind, including fish). Damm stuff is too addicitive.
Soy Milk Guy - 21/01/2015


Can i ask one question.
Are the Children allowed to drink soymilk
regina mutagurwa - 17/02/2015

Aluminum contamination

Does soy milk contain high levels of aluminum?
Thomas - 15/03/2015

Soy milk benefits

Goats milk has no lactose. Maybe thats why the person mentioned it. If u have had breast cancer u cant have soy.
the regal begal - 06/04/2015


We trying to reduce my husbands sugar levels si have switched to soya milk (among other dietary changes). Trouble is when we add soya milk to hot drinks tea coffee etc it curdles is this normal please
Maggie gray - 13/04/2015


Since I used soy milk my health has improved because I had allergies and was not aware that it was escalated by cow s milk. Soy milk is a remedy for alcers because if I drink it subsides.
mf moisa - 25/04/2015

home made soy milk

I started drinking home made soy milk made fresh from yellow beans. It's the best milk and I enjoy it. I can drink up to 5 cups if i feel like it and it's filling too. I don't buy soy milk from the shop simply becos I can get it made from fresh beans. Nothing like fresh soy milk.
remnant - 28/05/2015

soya milk

please suggest weather soya milk can be used for anemia patient ( hemoglobin )


please tell me can i use soy milk for my mother who is arthritis and also hypertensive patient.. please answer me as soon as possible.
jacquline - 16/06/2015

Benefits of soy milk to sickler

Can an anemic fellow drink soy milk and does it have age limit?
Femi-Peters Oluchi - 27/06/2015

soy milk

Please can an ulcer patient drink soya milk and as a very slim person can I drink soy milk? Please I need answer because I love drinking it thus if it is not healthy for me I will stop it. Please reply fast. Thanks.
juliet - 11/08/2015

Soy Milk

Forget buying soy milk from the local supermarket. You can a soy milk maker for less than $40:00. Simply add water and the soy beans, flick the switch and 20 minutes later you have a beautiful VERY healthy drink- zero additives!
Floyd - 22/09/2015

about soy milk

I want to know that soyamilk is good for health or not because I am high BP Patient and today I drink soyamilk and I want to know how it is benifit and cause human body. Thank you
Dr.Shrish Chandra Tiwari - 26/09/2015


I just started using soya milk,and was told it causes cancer, I have eliminated all dairy from my diet due to my arthritis. Feeling much better. Would like to Cary on with soya milk?
Marion - 25/10/2015

Soya milk

Though it is not delicious in taste ,it is filled with too much nutritional value.
Gulpreet - 25/10/2015


I am 61and well into my menopause .I want to knowk if soya milk can help me
joyce Reed - 30/11/2015

Impotency due to soya

It is always said that consuming soya causes impotency so is it safe to consume soya milk on regular basis?
Prashanth - 25/01/2016

soy milk

I am 53 and well in to my menopause and also hyperthyroidism, joint pains, blood pressure. Nowa i am using hearballife nutrition in this F1 adding this soy milk. I want to know soy milk can help me. Sarojini
vaida - 31/01/2016

Soya milk

My daughter is of 3 yrs. She is allergic to cows milk so she is having soy milk from last 1 year. Is it safe for her? As I heard it causes cancer.
Hema - 20/05/2016

Cancer? And it can 'bleach' your skin?

1.Some people say that soy milk can cause cancer because it will activates our cancer cells. So is true or just some fakers trying to bring these yummy soy milk's company?
2.My teacher said that drinking soy milk can make you fairer or that's what I meant by 'bleach'. Like you can have a fairer skin when you drink soy milk everyday(as long as you drink it for breakfast, or dinner) So, is that true LOL?!
Izy Gz. - 05/08/2016

dairy milk was causing terrible swelling

I found dairy milk was causing terrible swelling especially my knees making walking very painful. I tried soya milk instead and have not got pain anymore. Now I am reading you should never drink it.what are we supposed to believe I give up.
Linda Burnage - 25/09/2016

Need to know the truth about soya milk

My second coment.i am 60 and have had for issues for 15 years since my total hysterectomy although many visits to doctors and many tests I have had to find out myself what is causing my urticaria rashes and terrible bloating. Any wheat products are mostly to blame although I was Always being told by doctors I was not allergic, but after years was told I must be intolerant. But cows milk used to make me swell up. I tried soya milk and now have no problem, but read it causes cancer. People like me need to know the truth because it's really hard to know what is good and what will cause us misery.
Linda Burnage - 25/09/2016

soy milk with weet-bix

Daanny - 27/09/2016

Soy milk and Hepatitis B

Is Soy milk hazardous to the health of people infected with Hepatitis B?
Tom - 13/11/2016

Soya milk an soya protien

Do these products help with estrogen production in the body? I'm over 65yo
Beverly Juste - 28/11/2016


Everything God created was good, therefore why would soya milk cause breast cancer if it's naturally made. If it does causes cancer; perhaps it's the way it is process with additives and preservatives is the culprit
Beverly Juste - 28/11/2016

What to know what the best

Want gain my weight and enlarged my breast because i got to baby thats why it lost the natural form of my breast. Is it really help the soya milk,i started to drink and sometimes i put in cerelac and eaten. Me i know what is the best results. And how many grams of soya milk can take everyday.
Jennifer - 29/12/2016


Good day. Pls does Soya beans have any side effect to a person suffering of ulcer?
Augustina - 30/12/2016

Soya Milk reduces my sugar

I do take Soya Milk though, Not Regularly, but i even Observed, it Reduces my Sugar Level Almost Immediately and it Relaxes my Neves in Effect, it Reduces my BP!!!! It gives me A Sound Sleep!!! Infact, i can't say Exactly if it has any Side Effects!!! Locally Prepared in Nigeria!!! Am Enjoying It!!!
Eramson sokka - 15/01/2017

No side effects

I have been drinking soy milk for years now and my health is superb no side effects.
Martina Mukuka - 22/06/2017

Some side affects

It is beneficial but if you will drink it alot it may increase your estrogen levels.
Susan George - 30/10/2017


I am a BP patient have just started taking soyamilk. It makes me sleep like a baby.
Adekunle - 24/12/2017

Kidney Stones And Soy Milk

I suffer from calcium-oxalate kidney stones and my doctor advised me to stop consuming all soy products. However, as I was also told to maintain a high dietary calcium, which inhibits stone formation, and I don't drink cow's milk, I still drink soy milk.
My question is this: Even though soy milk contains a high level of oxalic acid, most brands like Silk also contain calcium carbonate. My belief, as a retired chemist, is that the alkaline calcium carbonate slowly complexes with the oxalic acid in storage and produces insoluble calcium oxalate. In addition, as free calcium from the calcium carbonate is liberated by digestive hydrochloric acid, it also combines with any remaining oxalate.
Calcium oxalate in the digestive tract is insoluble, will not move through the digestive mucosa, and is not a risk to kidneys. Only free oxalate which can form calcium oxalate in the kidneys is a risk. I would appreciate the opinions of knowledgeable experts.
Wolfy - 11/04/2018

Kidney Stones And Soy Milk

The intake of calcium reduces the risk of calcium oxalate kidney stones, although too much calcium (2g/day) is disadvantageous. As you also suggested, calcium binds with oxalate and forms insoluble calcium oxalate. It is important that this calcium should be consumed together with the oxalate-rich foods. This protective effect will reduce if they are consumed at different times (for example calcium in the morning and oxalate-rich foods in the evening). Soy also contains phytic acid, which is known to reduce the risk of calcium kidney stone formation.
The fact that your doctor recommends to stop soy intake is based on his theoretical knowledge that soy contains moderate to high levels of oxalate. The actual effect of the consumption over a longer period of soy products on kidney stone formation is not know, at least I cannot find any evidence in scientific publications.
Rob - 11/04/2018

Soya Milk Side Effects

Improper cooked soya milk especially those cook with pressure cooker method will have side effects if drink regularly. It can cause face damage. From blemishes to pigmentation on the 2cheeks, sideburns or near the edge of the eyes

1. Their face will have uneven surface, big pores looks like pimples
2. Their face will have red patches, looks like hot steel plate
3. The final stage will be darker colored pigmentation regardless of size

There are many people in singapore are the victims of soya toxins yet they know nothing about it. Real healthy soya milk will get nice pinkish cheek if they drink regularly, pimples will go away and face will looks smoother.
Ronald - 12/10/2019

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