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Soy milk powder

instant soy milk powderSoy milk powder is soy milk from which all water has been removed, similar to cow's milk powder. Soy milk powder has a white to beige colour and mixes readily with warm or cold water. It can be made of plain soy milk or can contain additional ingredients, such as sugar, flavours and calcium.
While it is not as common as cow's milk powder, soy milk powder can be found in some stores in the US. In Europe it is even more difficult to find, but can be easily ordered online. Popular brands of soy milk powder, which can be ordered online, are NOW Instant Soy Milk Powder and EcoMIL Instant Soya Drink Powder.

Benefits of soy milk powder

Soy milk powder contains all the good ingredients of soy milk. There are different reasons why you would buy soy milk powder instead of pre-packaged soy milk:
  • Soy milk powder is more environmental friendly.
    This sounds a bit contradictory since a lot of energy is required to remove the water. The process of dehydration is carried out in a sequence of evaporator units, where steam from the preceding unit is used as the heat source in the next unit, resulting in low energy consumption. Soy milk powder results in the use of less packaging waste, compared to soy milk packed in cartons.
  • Soy milk powder is easier to store and does not spoil. When you go on holiday and are not sure about the availability of soy milk at your destination, you can carry some soy milk powder with you.
  • Usually, soy milk powder is less expensive than pre-packaged soy milk brands.

Disadvantages of soy milk powder

The taste of soy milk made from soy milk powder will always be a bit inferior compared to commercial soy milk in cartons. The texture may be slightly sandy and the taste a bit bran like.


Soy milk powder on holiday

iam going on holiday and would to take some dryed soya milk as l have lacto intolerance can you by it and if so were from?
Marion Petford - 14/02/2014

Soy milk powder on holiday

If you Google for "soy milk powder" you will find many places that sell it, for example
Rob - 14/02/2014

Soy milk powder

I buy soy milk powder from Now Foods. It is pure soy milk powder, so no added salt, sugars, thickeners or flavours. If you make milk from it, of course the taste is not that good than store-bought soy milk, but that is not a problem beacuse I mainly use it in recipes. And for Marion, it would be ideal to take on holiday.
David - 06/07/2014

Soymilk powder comments

Soymilk powder is a rich source of nutrient for kids and adults. I buy soybeans from the market ,fried it grind ,filter and use it to supplement my child food. My child refused to suck breast milk for a day so i used SMA gold milk till he became 4 months. Later i started using peak 123 with soymilk powder. Its been very good with my boy. Everybody knws about soymilk in Nigeria.
Kingsley-Tabs - 02/08/2014

ecomil soya calcium

have problems dissolving this product tried cold/ warm/ hot ok whats the trick?
pat hayes - 04/07/2015

Bisco soymik powder

There is a soy milk powder in Nigeria with dietary fibre, high protein profile and free of cholesterol. Its a nice and affordable milk approved by NAFDAC. It is Bisco soy milk powder. For more information send mail to
Bisco - 28/07/2015

Soy powder

Is it necessary to dehull the soy bean coat in processing the powder for fish meal. What are the consequences if not done. Debugging is pretty difficult considering farely large quantity
Kareem Akharume - 10/02/2016


How do I prepare soy milk powder plssss I need hep
Angela Dzamesi - 06/03/2016

Soyamilk powder

Pls i need help ooo,how do prepare soyamilk powder?
Damgold - 24/03/2016

How can I prepare a good soya milk powder?

I like taking soya milk powder, because of the nutritional value, but I don't know how to prepare it I like to know so that I can also help others with the knowledge. Thanks
Moses Ogedi - 26/03/2016

How can I prepare a good soya milk powder?

You could dry soya milk in the oven at 150°C, but the result will be a brownish hard cake. Soya milk powder is industrially made in very large drying tower where the soya milk is sprayed in very small droplets at the top. As these droplets slowly fall down the water evaporates by the hot air, leaving fine particles of powdered soya milk solids.
Rob - 27/03/2016

How can I prepare soy milk powder

Please I really want to know how to prepare a home made soya beans powder that can be add in custard etc.
Nelly - 21/04/2016

Soya Milk Powder

Soya Milk is good because it is rich in protein and it contain vitamin.
Kelly Peter - 23/01/2017

about Soya

Hi,I'm into soya beans powder business as well. Research have shown that soya beans is good for pregnant women because it prevents them from developing A condition called pre-eclampsia. It also helps to melt bad fat in the body. I'm a nurse/midwife.
Folayemi . - 01/02/2017

Shelf life of Soya Milk Powder

Can any one tell me about the shelf life of soya milk powder please. I am working on it and I need a precise reading. Thank You
Rizwan Ali Hamidi - 09/02/2017

soya beans powder mixed with groundnut

Hi, am into soya beans powder production. Mainly for infant feeding and adults as well. Call me on 08032352587
flourish baby - 27/02/2017

soyabeans powder milk

please i want to set a business on soy milk can some body tell me how to produce it powder milk
agwa charlotte awazi - 05/04/2017

soya beans powder

I make soya beans powder like once a month and there are various methods of preparing it so here is my method.
After buying the beans remember to pick it b4 starting the cookIng process cos dats the hardest part believe me it might look light it's without shaft but it's not. After that in small batches ,I want to say fry but I think it's roast since you will be using dry heat, in a pot so dat they get cooked at approximately the same time without most of it burning, you have to keep stirring while it's on the fire, till u can Easily peel the back like you would roasted ground then fry for a few minutes more an bring it down to cool. Take it to the mill and the will grind and with the teeth open (just to break the seeds) then use tray to sift out the beans coats before they find it to a powdered form. Leave it in an open pan for a couple of hours ,depending on the size, to cool down before packing them up into containers. Cod they will stick together if you pack them up without letting it cool down
mbei - 11/05/2017

I appreciates coments, what are the side effects of soya milk powder? Can it also increase weight? Or decrease
irene - 28/08/2017


Pl advise the right way of making soya milk powder Either evaporating Soya milk or Grinding the bean to powder.
swayam prakash jee - 18/10/2017

Roast without soaking

Can I roast/bake soybean as is, straight from the packing without prior soaking? I want to make soybean powder.
DW - 05/11/2018

Bestes Soybean Powder

I bought Bestes Soybean Powder in Ibadan and I was impressed with the product...fine powder with a good taste in a woderful plastic container. Both variants sweetened and enriched Bestes soya have this reach taste and my baby is looking a lot more healthier now.
Native Path Enterprises - 03/07/2019

not found

i cannot find any cash on delivery soy milk powder do you know any place i can find it with cash on delivery shipping to uae?
lily - 14/09/2019

I need details

I know about soy milk powder so I wanted to learn the process so I can make for my baby but this write up is not detailed at all.
Jenny - 12/01/2020

instant organic soymilk powder supply

We exported in bulk bag of instant soymilk powder for business and factory, contact us for more information.
Neil - 18/02/2020

Bisco soymilk powder

Bisco - 21/05/2020

Sulaiman Kano Nigeria

Very good information, Kudus to Admin of this platform.
Sulaiman Abubakar Kano Ni - 27/05/2020

Soya bean milk is very beneficial to both children and adult. It's a tremendous source of growth for children and can help in combating cholesterol level. I add milk or vanilla flavour to give it appealing taste, though I produce plain one as well as add plantain or groundnut on demand.

I can be reached on 09065349346.
You can as well email
Anya Ann, Nigeria - 27/08/2020

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