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SoyWonder Soy Milk Maker

SoyWonderThe SoyWonder soy milk machine is the largest one we tested. The SoyWonder consists of a large plastic transparent boiling container. The soy milk making process is controlled by a microcomputer but the start of the first mixing step is determined by time and not temperature. Contrary to the other soy milk makers, the filter of the SoyWonder consists of 2 parts and screen is not a thin plate with small but a woven mesh of fine stainless steel wire. The grinding knife consists of 2 blades and is attached to the head. The heating is done by a heater element, which is attached to the head. The head of the SoyWonder contains a fan which runs continuously, probably to prevent condensation in the head. The SoyWonder has only one start button and no special menus. We only tested this soy milk maker for producing soy milk, but the SoyWonder can also make rice milk, cashew milk, almond milk and more.
The SoyWonder is delivered with a cleaning brush and a scrub sponge. There is no special cup to hold the head after the soy milk is produced.

Operating instructions

These are the operating instructions as described by the manufacturer of the SoyWonder.
  • Measure 150 grams of dry soybeans and soak them in 1 liter water between 6 to 10 hours.
  • Put the head with the attached filter cup upside down and add the soaked soybeans in the filer cup. The filter cup should be filled completely with soybeans. Attach the head to the cup making sure that the marks on the head and cup are aligned.
  • Add drinking water into the cylinder to between the two water level marks (the levels are 2000 ml and 2100 ml). The water should be warm (between 30°C and 40°C, ideally 40°C for soy milk). Close the filter cup. Attach the head to the cup making sure that the marks on the head and cup are aligned.
  • Connect the SoyWonder to the power supply and switch on the machine. First the water will heat. After about 10 minutes the soybeans will be grinded for the first time. After a few milling and heating steps the soy milk will be pasteurized. The machine will beep in about 23 minutes to signal that the soy milk is done and ready for use.
  • Remove the powder cord from the SoyWonder. Wait another 5 minutes to complete the cycle. Lift the head off the cylinder, stir the soy milk and poor all soy milk in a different container. It is recommended to filter the soy milk through a fine sieve to remove soybean particles.
  • Rinse the heating element and filter cup with tap water to cool it down before taking of the filter cup for cleaning. Clean the filter cup immediately with the brush after each batch. Clean the blade, electrode and heater element.

Test results

For this test, 150 g dry soybeans were used in 2000 ml warm water (40°C).
  • Loading the soybeans.
    The filter cup seems a bit too small. It was very difficult to add all the soaked soybeans.
  • Mixing temperature. The temperature at which the first milling will start should be high enough to avoid beany taste. We tested by using cold (15°C) and warm (40°C) water. With the cold water the milling started already at 70°C, which is too low to prevent beany taste. With the warm water the milling started at 89°C. These findings demonstrate that the start milling step is not determined by the water temperature is time controlled. This explains why the manufacturer recommends to used warm water.
  • Yield of soy milk.
    The strength of the soy milk is 3.5% dissolved solids and total quantity is 1802 ml. The soy milk contains about 6% suspended matter, mainly fine okara. Total yield calculated from these figures is 44%, which is rather low. This low yield is propably caused by the poor milling, because many whole soybeans where still in the soybean pulp. The yield could be improved by fine-tuning the machine (adjusting soaking time, water temperature, quantity of beans).
  • Taste.
    The taste of the milk produced by the SoyWonder is good and comparable to commercial soymilk without additives (such as salt and sugar).
  • Cleaning
    Part of the cup remains attached to the machine head and it is not possible to rinse this part with water, you have to clean it with a towel.


  • Ideal if you want to produce big batches (for example for tofu).
  • Approved by certified labs in independent tests to guarantee compliance with EC legislation.


  • A bit more difficult to clean.
  • Small mixing cup, making it impossible to make stronger soy milk.
  • You have to use warm water, which means an extra step!


Where can I get the Soywonder???


Thank you for you nice review!!! It helps me a lot, but do you also know, where I could get this Soy Milk Maker??

Aaron Vinn - 01/11/2014

Where can I get the Soywonder???

You can buy this soy milk maker from It is a Germany company, but they have distributors in many countries.
Rob - 01/11/2014

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