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Filterless Premium SoyQuick

filterless Premium SoyQuick soy milk maker
The new Premium SoyQuick filterless soymilk maker is ideal to make perfect milks from all types of grains, seeds and beans or their combinations. The new filterless design technology, which they call Perfect Grind, means cleanup is easy. However, the name "filterless" is a bit misleading because there is a filter: after grinding you have to poor the mixture through a separate filter or strainer. With a traditional soy milk maker, using a filter cup attached to the motor head, you need to measure a certain amounts of ingredients to get a perfect grind. With the filter-less soymilk maker you have more freedom in making different strength of soymilk, for which SoyQuick has invented different names: Metropolitan Style Soymilk (1 cup soybeans, water up to high level), Urban Style Soymilk (1 cup soybeans, water up to low level), Rural Style Soymilk (2 cups soybeans, water up to maximum level) and Country Style Soymilk (2 cups soybeans, water up to lower level).

Operating instructions

We only mention here how to make soy milk with the Premium SoyQuick, but you can also make mung bean milk, rice milk, nuts milk or any combination.
Using the included plastic cup (one cup can hold 77 g dry soybeans), measure dry soybeans as indicated by the recipe. Rinse the soybeans thoroughly with water and cover them 2-3 inches of water and soak during 8 to 10 hours at room temperature. After soaking, rinse the soybeans again with water. Fill the jug with water up to the maximum water fill level. Add the soaked soybeans into the bottom of the jug. Place the machine head with the attached grinding cover onto the jug with the contact power switch resting on the rim. Do not position the contact power switch inside the jug or in the pour spout area. Press the SOYMILK button.
The soy milk maker will start automatically and after about 16 to 19 minutes the cycle is complete, as indicated by multiple audio beeps and a flashing power light. Unplug the power cord and remove the machine head from the jug. Strain the milk into the transfer container using the provided filter.

Test results

For this test, 105 g dry soybeans were used in 1400 ml cold water, the same quantities we used for testing the SoyQuick with filter.
  • Mixing temperature.
    The temperature at which the first milling will start should be high enough to avoid beany taste. We tested by using cold (15°C) and warm (35°C) water. In both cases, the milling started at a temperature around 84°C. This means that a thermostat correctly controls the start of the milling.
  • Yield of soy milk.
    The strength of the soy milk is 4.0% dissolved solids with total volume of 1266 ml. The soy milk contains only 4% suspended matter, mainly very fine okara. Total yield calculated from these figures is 53%, which is similar to the SoyQuick with filter. However, the pulp which is still in the soy milk is very fine and not disturbing when drinking the milk.
  • Taste.
    The taste of the milk produced by the Premium SoyQuick is good and comparable to commercial soymilk without additives (such as salt and sugar).
  • Cleaning
    Cleaning is easy. The filter can be easily cleaned by flushing with water. No need to scrub or put in the dish washer. All parts that came in contact with the soy milk must be rinsed and cleaned with a scrub pad.

Advantages of the Premium SoyQuick

  • High yield of soy milk.
  • Large quantity of soymilk per batch.
  • Nice design
  • Very low quantity of remaining pulp.
  • No sandy feeling of soy milk due to absence of soybean particles
  • Easy to dismantle and clean.


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