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Soyabella Soy Milk Maker

SoyabellaThe Soyabella soy milk maker is very popular in the US. It looks very nice, almost like a water cooker. The boiling cups is made of stainless steel and has two markings: 0,8 liter and 1.3 liter. The filter consists of a steel mesh filter which is easily screwed on the head of the machine. The soybeans have to be put in the filter cup beforehand, because there is no possibility to add soybeans ones the machine is closed. The grinding knife is attached to the head. The Soyabella has two menus: one for milling (MILL) only (which can be used to make rice beverage) and one for making soy milk (MILK). We only tested this soy milk maker for producing soy milk. The Soyabella is delivered with a special dripping cup to hold the head with attached filter cup, to allow the filter cup to drain after producing the soy milk.The Vegan Star is an identical machine, but sold under a different brand.

Operating instructions

These are the operating instructions as described by the manufacturer.
  • Clean 70 to 95 g of dry soybeans and soak them during about 8 hours (could be increased to 10 hours in winter or decreased to 6 hours in summer).
  • Add water between the upper and lower water-level line. In order to shorten the time you can add warm water (max 40°C).
  • Put the soybeans in the Soyabella and screw the screen tight to the head.
  • Connect the Soyabella to the power supply and press the key MILK. After about 15 minutes, the process will finish. The indicator light turns into green. Pour the soy milk out and enjoy it with seasoning.
  • Cleaning of the Soyabella. Remove the power supply, unpack the screen, and unload the soybean residue. Wash and clean the screen with a toothbrush to avoid jamming of the small holes. When the holes are jammed this will adversely affect the soy milk consistency next time you use the soy milk maker.

Test results

For this test 75 g dry soybeans were used in 1000 ml cold water.
  • Mixing temperature. The temperature at which the first milling will start should be high enough to avoid beany taste. We tested by using cold (15°C) and warm (35°C) water. In both cases, the milling started at a temperature around 83°C. This means that a thermostat correctly controls the start of the milling.
  • Yield of soy milk.
    The strength of the soy milk is 4.6% dissolved solids and total quantity is 783 ml. The soy milk contains about 7% suspended matter, mainly fine okara. Total yield calculated from these figures is 53%, which is good.
  • Taste.
    The taste of the milk produced by the Soyabella is good and comparable to commercial soymilk without additives (such as salt and sugar).
  • Cleaning
    The cleaning is very easy. The build-in electric heating board does not burn the milk. You can actually wipe it clean with a damp paper towel. It is important to flush the filter cup immediately after use and before allowing it to cool. The parts of the head that get dirty can be flushed under streaming water.


  • High yield of soy milk.
  • Modern design.
  • Small size.
  • Low pulp content of soy milk.


  • Makes small batch of soy milk.
  • No feeding window


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