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SoyaJoy Soy Milk Maker

SoyaJoyThis automatic soy milk maker is very popular in the USA. The SoyaJoy is a medium sized soy milk maker, consisting of a stainless steel boiling container, which has a white plastic handle and bottom. The soy milk making process is controlled by a microcomputer. The filter consists of a stainless steel mesh filter which is easily screwed on the head of the machine (it screws on anti-clockwise, direction LOCK is mentioned on cup). The soybeans can be put in the filter cup beforehand or through a special opening (feeding window) in the head of the soy milk maker. The grinding knife consists of 2 blades and is attached to the head. The heating is done by a heater element, which is attached to the head. The SoyaJoy has three buttons: one for milling (MOTOR), one for heating only (HEATER) and for making automatically soy milk (START). We only tested this soy milk maker for producing soy milk, but the SoyaJoy can also make rice milk, almond milk and more.
The SoyaJoy is delivered with a special dripping cup to hold the head with attached filter cup. This allows the filter cup to drain, so you can recover some more soymilk. Included with the SoyaJoy are also a measuring cup (holding 100 g dry soybeans), a cleaning brush, a scrub sponge and a special cleaning powder.

Operating instructions

These are the operating instructions as described by the manufacturer.
  • Measure 80 to 100 grams of dry soybeans, rinse and soak between 6 to 16 hours (8 to 10 hours is best). Rinse the soaked soybeans again with clean water before putting them into the machine.
  • Add drinking water into the cylinder to between the two water level marks. The manual does not mention the quantity of water corresponding to these lines but we measured 1300 and 1500 ml. There is no need to use warm or pre-heated water for the SoyaJoy.
  • Feed the soaked soybeans through the feeding window. You can also put the soaked soybeans directly into the filter cup before attaching it to the head of the soy milk maker. After soaking the soybeans will fill three quarters of the filter cup.
  • Connect the SoyaJoy to the power supply and push the START button. With a beep the soy milk maker will start to work through a programmed sequence. First the machine will heat the water to about 80°C and then start grinding the soybeans. The machine will beep in about 15 minutes to signal that the soy milk is done and ready for use.
  • Remove the powder cord from the SoyaJoy, lift the head off the cylinder and poor all soy milk in a different container.
  • Rinse the heating element and filter cup with tap water to cool it down before taking of the filter cup for cleaning. Clean the filter cup immediately with the brush after each batch. Clean the blade, electrode, heater element and feeding window.

Test results

For this test, 105 g dry soybeans were used in 1400 ml cold water.
  • Mixing temperature. The temperature at which the first milling will start should be high enough to avoid beany taste. We tested by using cold (15°C) and warm (35°C) water. In both cases, the milling started at a temperature around 79°C. This means that a thermostat correctly controls the start of the milling.
  • Yield of soy milk.
    The strength of the soy milk is 4.3% dissolved solids and total quantity is 1316 ml. The soy milk contains about 12% suspended matter, mainly fine okara. Total yield calculated from these figures is 53%, which is good.
  • Taste.
    The taste of the milk produced by the SoyaJoy is good and comparable to commercial soymilk without additives (such as salt and sugar).
  • Cleaning
    It is easy to clean this soy milk maker. Most of the heating takes place before grinding process so there is nearly no build up of dirt on the heater element. You can actually wipe it clean with a damp paper towel. It is important to flush the filter cup immediately after use and before allowing it to cool. The parts of the head that get dirty can be flushed under streaming water.


  • High yield of soy milk.
  • Large quantity of soymilk per batch.
  • The SoyaJoy looks nice.
  • Feeding window makes loading of soybeans easy.
  • Easy to dismantle and clean.

SoyaJoy disadvantages

  • High pulp content of soy milk.


Instruction Manual

Hello: How can i get or download instructions for the SDZ-4 (which i lost recently) AND the SoyaJoy SJ-5 (which i recently bought on eBay and sent to my daughter for her birthday). Would be greatly appreciated!
Carol - 06/05/2014

Hello, I recently got a soyajoy 3G, and I need an instruction manual, is there one on line somewhere?
Thank you,
Ellen Wells - 03/03/2015

Lost Manual

I was in the hospital for five and a half months with Cancer. I lost my apartment and part of the contents. The manual was gone. I bought a Soyjoy G4 last year. I never even got to use it when I got sick. I have a new place now and would like to use it, but no manual. I can't have dairy so it's important to for me to make my own soy milk instead of buying it. Can you please tell me where to get a manual for the Soyjoy G4?
Thank You,
Terry Akintaro - 14/03/2015

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