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Make your own soy nuts

Soy nuts are difficult to find in supermarkets or even in health shops. But no problem, soy nuts are easily made at home. At least if you can find soybeans. Soy nuts are traditionally made by soaking dry soybeans and baking them in one layer on a well-oiled cookie sheet at around 350°F (190°C) during 30 to 50 min until well browned. Our favourite method is to roast them in the microwave.

Making soy nuts in a microwave

If you have a microwave, making soy nuts is very easy and quick. First soak 100 grams soybeans overnight and spread them on a cloth or paper to soak up any excess water. Place the soaked soybeans on a large microwaveable dish and microwave on high during 10 to 15 minutes, until the soy beans are crispy and golden brown.
The total time will depend on the moisture content of the soybeans and the wattage of the microwave. It is important to inspect and mix the soy nuts regularly to avoid burning, especially at the end of the process. You will need some trial and error to determine the exact end point.

Flavouring your soy nuts

While still warm, season your soy nuts with salt, black pepper, curry, barbeque powder, garlic powder or any herbs you like. You can also experiment by soaking the soy beans in a marinade consisting of water, soy sauce and your favourite herbs. To make Italian herb soy nuts mix to the soybeans, when they are almost done, with garlic powder, Italian herbs and 1 teaspoon diluted (1+2) soy sauce. Stir quickly to coat all the soybeans and continue roasting until crispy. Home made soy nuts should be kept in the refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container to conserve crispiness and flavour.


Soy nuts from raw soya bean

Hi All,
I tried, the raw dry soya bean, friend in a non-stick pan for 5-10 minutes with salt and had it.Also added Garlic to it. Can anyone comment on this, is it good or Bad. Rumours are like we get stomach ache, if we have more soya.any justification pls
Kar - 01/11/2013

Soy nuts

You should first soak the soybeans. Did you do that? Soy nuts should have a crunchy texture. If they are hard, they are of course difficult to digest. There are many rumors about soy. When I roast soy nuts myself, I eat quite a lot of them and do not have any digestion problem.
Rob - 01/11/2013

Oil frying method of soy nut

Hi I am from India, in our country for cooking food we do not require a microwave oven so most of the households doesn't have one. Please explain me the process of oil frying method of soy nut.
balraj - 29/05/2014


Good idea.. I too tried . Making soynuts using seed. I soaked them over night and baked them using microwave oven. Came very well and they are crispy .
saralapudipeddi - 12/02/2015

crispy soya nuts

1. soak nuts for 15-20 minutes
2. grease the pan with oil/butter and keep it on medium flame.
3. start roasting and keep stirring until nuts are light brown
4. After roasting keep it aside open for 15-20 mins
andy - 26/05/2015

Making Dry roasted soy beans without microwave oven

Hi, Can I soak soybeans overnight and roast them on a pan instead of microwave oven for making dry roasted soybeans?
Charan Teja - 21/08/2015

I tried to frying, but after sometimes fried nut absorb moisture and not crispy like, how can i make crispy nut
Vijay - 26/01/2017

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