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GMO soy

Since 1994, a growing number of foods were developed using genetic modification (GMO). With these products has come controversy, primarily in Europe where some question whether GMO foods are safe. Scientists are now able to use the tools of modern biotechnology to insert a gene into the crop to give it new, advantageous characteristics. Most genetic modifications make it easier to grow the crop. About half of the American soybean crop planted in 1999 carries a gene that makes it resistant to an herbicide (Roundup) used to control weeds.

Risks of GMO food

GMO crops may threaten biodiversity, decrease the richness and variety of foods, and make farmers more dependent on chemical companies, through the purchase of seed or chemicals.
Health concerns include: allergy, gene transfer (antibiotic-resistant genes from GMO to bacteria), and outcrossing (the movement of genes from GMO plants into conventional crops).

GMO controversy

The movement against GMO agriculture seems to have exploded recently. European farmers and consumers have forged a formidable alliance calling for a moratorium on genetically engineered crops. Indian farmers have burned fields believed to be planted with GMO cotton. In the U.S. an emerging alliance of consumers, farmers, corporate accountability and fair trade activists has only recently gathered steam. The soy industry reacted with the introduction of the Identity-Preserved (IP) by which suppliers guarantee that their products are GMO-free. The GMO issue resulted in the replacement of some soy ingredients with other materials, some of which are synthetic and have lower functionality. Soy lecthin has been replaced by synthetic emulsifiers. As a response the soy industry can now provide identity-preserved lecithins.


GMO soya

soya beans has been genetically modified in the US which has serious side effect on health, what about Africans who naturally grow theirs?
nete naso - 07/11/2013

GMO soya

what side effects are you talking about?
Leo - 07/11/2013


survivors of the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (including many of Dr. Akizuki’s patients) and found that up to 90 percent attributed their health and longevity to miso and other healing foods. From the ashes of World War II
Name - 13/02/2014

"GMO soybeans have never caused any harm to people." --> False Info.

"However, GMO soybeans have never caused any harm to people." Is this milk from GMO soybeans?
Also, you may wish to take a look at latest studies between GMO soy beans and tumours in rats force-fed GMO soy.
kelly - 13/02/2014

Does Belgian Aldi stores sell GMO soy milk?

Thanks for the info but it is still not marketed as clearly as Alpro does. Is Aldi soy milk GMO free?
I like the price/taste so I await your response.
many thanks, W
Will - 13/02/2014


Please research soy products. Reports say that 90% of all soy on the market these days (2008) are GMO (genetically modified organisms) and have a negative affect on health.
Bungler - 04/09/2015


It depends on where you buy your food. In Europe I have yet to find a soy product made from GM soy. It the United State GMOs are less controversial. I also think that most of the GM food is used as cattle feed. The potential health danger of a GMOs is allergy, because the GMOs introduce new proteins. There is indeed very little scientific evidence showing that GMOs are toxicologically safe, but where is the evidence that they are unsafe? This is the conclusion of a study by Kim et al ("Evaluating the allergic risk of genetically modified soybean. " Yonsei Med J. 2006 Aug 31): "These findings suggest that the IgE sensitization rate to GM soybean extracts is identical to that of wild-type soybean extracts in adult allergy patients. In addition, based on both in vivo and in vitro methods, the allergenicity of wild type and GM soybean extracts was identical."
Rob - 04/09/2015

soybeans difference

are GM soybeans different than organic soybeans
i know there are residues of round up on GM ones and organic's nutritional value in protein is greater. But is there any difference in the physical features or taste
suraj - 08/05/2016

curious consumer in Tucson, AZ

Does the product Kirkland Signature, Organic Soymilk Vanilla (sold by Costco) contain any Roundup type herbicides, is it a GMO? If so, please explain.
renee mcguire - 15/01/2017

What type of Soyabean available in India?

Does India cultivate GM soya or organic soya? Can we drink soya powder with milk?
Hitesh - 29/04/2017

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