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Dairy Alternative

There are lot of reasons why people use soya products as an alternative to dairy products:
  • Ideological reasons: no consumption of animal products
  • Medical reasons: allergy to milk proteins or lactose intolerance
  • Health reasons: positive health effects of soya.
Our nutritional education in school taught us that dairy products are one of the four basic food groups we all need for proper nutrition.
This promotion has been so effective that it is common for even people who give up meat to still feel that they should continue consuming dairy products to ensure they receive sufficient protein or calcium.

Despite what the dairy industry has led us to believe, many medical doctors and nutritionists are now saying that cow's milk is not healthy for human consumption, and that it can lead to many serious diseases.

Not only are we the only species to consume another species' milk, but cow's milk is meant to foster rapid growth in calves, not to feed adult human beings.


soy milk

i have been looking into soy milk being bad too. my two year old daughter drinks it and some one at mothers market just told me that its not good for young children or adults to drink to much of it. i thought soy milk was better than regular cow milk but know i am not sure i have been looking on the internet and there seems to be alot of talk about it being bad for people.
dpikels - 10/04/2012

headaches after switching from dairy milk to soy milk

I am 43 years old and switch from 2% milk to soy milk, but I been having lots of headaches lately. I don't know if soy milk is causing it. I never suffer from headaches before and now Iam getting it often. Does anyone else is having this problem?
Nil - 28/11/2013

headaches after switching from dairy milk to soy milk

Please do not think I am insulting or sarcastic, but ... why don't you stop taking soy milk, resume cow's milk, without changing any other dietary intake? That should yield quantitative (measurable) test results which will be beyond reproach. On the other side of the coin, soya milk may be indirectly causing your headaches due to the instant loss of nutrients or minerals you have removed in stopping cow's milk. This will take some research in a simple yet scientific manner IMHO. Step by step, removing one item or adding one item, at a time.
effbeeeye - 28/11/2013

soya milk

I changed my 19month old baby to soya milk instead of dairy milk because of all of the sore throast and colds she was getting. She is drinking alot more of it then she did dairy milk. But unfortunately she is now waking at 5am everynight looking for a bottle. She did not do this on dairy milk!
mcmyler - 01/08/2015

dairy allergy

My daughter is 4 and has had food allergies since birth. Dairy is the only food she hasn't outgrown her allergy to. She is severely allergic - just touching her cheek with milk makes her break out. I am concerned about the recent information about soy milk - that is what she drinks instead of cow milk. Is this just hype created by the Dairy Industry? I can't believe that dairy products are healthier.
kimkay - 10/08/2016


Soy is great in theory and has many beneficial compounds...IF you can digest it...which many have trouble doing so, REGARDLESS if they have an allergy or intolerance. The main problem is that it is in EVERYTHING! If you are interested, I have a great article on is not hype; in fact, it takes most people's common response referring to soy in the Asian diet and compares it with American's and if nothing else is quite informative. I once thought I was intolerant of dairy, only to find out years later (and after years of soy consumption) that I am instead allergic to soy. I notice immediately when I consume soy...and other's to whom I have turned onto such theory claim to notice a difference when they remove and reintroduce soy from/into their diets.

I truly believe a balanced diet is what's best. If "dairy" is not difficult to digest, nor soy, then consume both to diversify. Although, I hear from many naturopaths and the like to either avoid it or to only consume the "cultured" forms (i.e. tamari, tempeh, miso).
Jane - 17/12/2016

milk alternatives

I give my daughter and myself almond milk. I am sure it is good for us, nothing negative has been written about it. It only contains 1/3 of the calcium of cow's milk, but the best source of calcium are green leafy vegetable anyway. I use soy, but in moderation. The USA is the biggest consumer of cow's milk in the world, but has the highest incidence of osteoporosis. (do a google search). Go figure. It's a mine field out there.
Cloe - 17/12/2016

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