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What are soybeans?

soybeansSoybeans belong to the legume family and are native to East Asia. They have been an important protein source in the Orient for over five thousand years. Soybeans have only been introduced to the Western world since the 20th century. Soybeans grow on a variety of soils and a wide range of climates, ranging form tropical Brazil to the snowy island Hokkaido in the north of Japan. As soybeans mature in the pod, they ripen into hard, dry beans. Although most soybeans are yellow,
there are also rare varieties which are black, brown or green coloured. A given area of land planted with soybeans can produce much more protein than land planted with other crops, or if the land were used to raise cattle.

Storing soybeans

Fresh soybeans, or edamame, should be refrigerated and used within two days. Frozen edamame can be stored in the freezer for several months. Dried soybeans can be kept in an airtight container for a very long period.

Cooking soybeans

Soybeans are most often transformed in other foods such as tempeh, tofu, miso, shoyu, soy milk or other food ingredients. However, cooked soybeans can also be used as an ingredient in soups, sauces and stews. To prepare two cups of soybeans for cooking, soak them in about six cups of water for about eight hours. This soaking shortens the cooking time, improves the texture and appearance of the beans and removes some of the indigestible sugars. Drain, rinse and cook the soaked soybeans in about six cups of fresh water. Do not add salt at this point or it will delay the softening of the soybeans. Pressure-cook the soaked soybeans for about 40 min. When you cook soybeans, make it worth your while by cooking two or three times what you need and freezing the rest for later use.

Protein source

Whole soybeans are an excellent source of protein and dietary fibre. Soy protein is the only vegetable with a complete protein. Soy protein has recently attracted a lot of attention because of its ability to lower LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Results from research have prompted health professionals to request the government to officially give a stamp of approval for soy's cholesterol-lowering effects. The Food and Drug Administration approved the cholesterol-lowering health claim for soy, indicating that daily consumption of 25 grams of soy protein (6.5 grams of soy protein per serving) may lower LDL cholesterol.


What soya beans to use for soya milk machine?


A friend of mine has recently bought a soya milk making machine and was trying to find out if all soya beans are the same or whether there are different types and what the difference is in taste, texture etc. can you help me?

Thanks in advance.


Hannah - 26 October 2013

What soya beans to use for soya milk machine?

There are more than thousand varieties of soya beans. Some varieties, such as Jinpumkong don't contain the lipoxygenase isozymes. These isozymes are responsible for the beany taste of soy milk. But don't ask me where you can buy these beans. You can also eliminate the beany taste by cooking the beans before grinding them, as most soya milk machine will automatically do.

But soya beans which you can buy in shops don't mention the variety. Most of the time I'm just lucky if I can find soya beans in the shop.

I would describe the best soya beans as follows:
- no dark spots on beans
- no cracked beans
- large even size (makes it easy to remove husk)
- nice yellow colour

Rob - 26 October 2013

Soy milk maker

Since I was interested in Soy-milk-machines, I was glad to find your extremely informative website and the excellent reviews which you provide for so many different soymilk-making-machines!

Since you are a Soy Milk Machine Expert, I would like to ask you some questions, which I could not answer by researching the internet... :-/

At the moment, I tend to buy the "SoyaPower Soy Milk Maker", because when I compare the Pro's and the Con's of your different reviews, it seems to be the best choice for such a machine - or would you personally recommend another machine?

A friend of mine f.e. has a Joyoung Soy Milk Maker - did you ever test this machine?

Here in Germany, I think the only way I could get this machine would be an import from the United States - or can you recommend me a shop here in Europe (or in the US)?

Thank you very much in advance for an answer! I really appreciate your work and your homepage and I will recommend it to my soy-loving friends...!

Michael - 31 October 2013

Soya milk machinery

i would like to know the cost of the soya milk machinery as i am interested in starting the soya milk manufacturing unit. in gujarat

kalpesh - 25 November 2013

inquiry fro soyajoy milk maker

Dear sir hello,

Please advice who is the importer or distributor
I tried to find but was I canot !

Thank you in advance

George Vassias

George Vassias - 17 December 2013

Seeking for Advise

I find Market for Soya, also I'm looking for the simplest method how to make soya milk for a just local poor families who grows Soya but no capital for having the machines.

Hendry Sam - 18 December 2013

SoyaStar-Great Machine

Hi, wanted to share with you all a new soya milk maker that I recently purchased. This unit makes all forms of nut, bean, seed and grain milk effortlessly.
It looks great on my kitchen worktop and is very easy to use. Check it out here:
All the best guys!

Dorothy Elkins - 29 December 2013

Wholesale info

I have shop in Slovenia and would like to sell some good soya milk makers with all needed certificates for selling in in EU. Can you reccomend some contact.
Best regards,

Dunja - 03 January 2014

All major brands of soy milk makers are produced in China, for example by Joyoung. You will have to contact them:
But I am afraid that you will have to order a container load of these machines.

Rob - 04 January 2014

I´m looking for motor of Joyoung soymilk maker. Maker typ: CTS-1028.
Could You me help?

Zoltan - 17 March 2014

Philips Soy Milk Maker

I am missing the Philips Soy Milk maker which is really really good, but unfortunately only available for the Chinese market.

Arianne - 10 April 2014


Please help I desperately need a soymilk maker. I live in India and can't find anyone to sell me one. Is there anyway that someone in Europe could help me. My husband and I are allergic to cows milk. I had a machine but it broke. I need to make rice and soy milk. Please email me at if you can help

Sharon Wojno - 23 April 2014


You may wish to visit the site and check among the merchants listed there offering kitchen products.


Art Saguinsin - 30 June 2014

what is your favourite soymilk machine?

Which of these machines are available in Mumbai?
What is meaning of 4% vs 11% suspended matter in your reviews? Which has more protein ?
What is the meaning of 50% total yield?
Which machine has a good creamy texture with not grittyness? But also which machine makes a milk that has the most protein per 100 mL?

Tushar - 30 December 2014

what is your favourite soymilk machine? lists some soymilk machines. The suspended matter are small particles that are undesirable because they make the soymilk less smooth. These particles consists of pieces of soaked soybeans and will contain about 20% protein. The 50% yield refers to the percentage of the soybeans that get dissolved in the final soymilk. The higher the better. I find that all soymilk machines make soymilk with some grittiness. Therefor I always filter the soymilk through a cheese cloth to obtain a product that I prefer.

Rob - 04 January 2015


please I want to start soya milk in sierra Leone how can I get the machine and the beans please help

Amadu sesay - 07 January 2015

Soya milk and Tofu pressing machine(200litr/hour)

If any one from you want to set up soya milk plant then your search ends here only. You can contact us on below numbers. We can provide a machine which gives best quality soya milk and tofu.


Hiteshh - 07 January 2015

Need help making soy milk

I just made my first couple of batches of soy milk with my new soy milk maker. It tastes too much like raw soy beans. I put some vanilla and honey in the second batch and I think it tastes little better, but not much. The main problem is my daughters don't like it as much as the store bought (we usually buy the unsweetened or slightly sweetened). I bought 50 lbs. of soy beans so it looks like I'll be needing to use them. Any advice on how to make the milk a bit more "tasty"? Also any info or web resources on making tofu or using the beans in other ways would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Miguel - 25 February 2015

Need help making soy milk

Homemade soymilk needs a touch of salt to improve the taste. Cow's milk also contains naturally quite a bit of salt. You could make tofu (recipe should be included in the instructions of your soy milk maker.

Rob - 25 February 2015

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