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The National Soy Ink Information Center

The National Soy Ink Information Center was established in 1993 by the Iowa Soybean Association (ISA) and was located in the Iowa Soybean Association office in Urbandale, Iowa and was fully funded by US soybean producers. This center maintained relationships with soy ink manufacturers and printers; advises on research needed for product developments; responds to trade media inquiries; leads soy ink and environmental seminars.
The centre developed and promoted the use of SoySeal trademark on printed pieces as a way to show readers that the ink was made from renewable resources and supported American farmers. The SoySeal trademark is used to identify industrial products made with a minimum quantity (depends on formulation) of soybean oil, but other vegetable oils may also be present.

Closure of The National Soy Ink Information Center

Due to the success of soy ink, The National Soy Ink Information Center was closed in 2005. There was we feeling there is no longer a need to continue work promoting soy ink and its acceptance through the National Soy Ink Information Centre. Iowa soybean farmers believed in soy ink and committed many resources to promoting its usage. The Iowa Soybean Association is now promoting other uses and building new markets for soybeans. Soy ink is now generally accepted and used worldwide.


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