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Third European Week of Soya

weekvandesojaENSA, the European Natural Soyfoods Manufacturers Association, organizes from 20 to 27 September for the third time the Week of Soya. This year The Week is focusing on sustainable living and on ecological food in particular. Belgian consumers eat more and more environmentally aware and ENSA tries to teach consumers to live greener in a practical way.

A study by Alpro showed that about 60% of Belgians consumers considers the impact on the environment of the food they purchase. Consumers pay attention primarily on the distance that the food travelled, but also on the environmental friendliness of the packaging, claims about environmental norms, organic production, the C02 footprint and processing.
During the Week of Soya, Alpro launches the seven-day Easy & Tasty Eco-Nutrition Challenge, a call to consumers to change his daily diet for 7 days in an ecological way, without compromising on convenience and taste. ENSA created a website www.weekvandesoja, where consumers can find delicious recipes with soy products and various tips for a sustainable lifestyle. On this website, the sustainability of soymilk and cow's milk are also compared. The CO2 emissions from a glass of soy milk is about one fifth than that of cow's milk. Producing one litre of soy drink generates five times less CO2 than dairy milk To make 1 liter soy milk also three times less land is required. The livestock sector is responsible for 18% of greenhouse gas emissions, roughly equivalent to the transport sector. Ecolife calculated that if every Belgian one day a week substitute animal products in his diet with soy products, an amount of CO2 will be saved, equivalent to the C02 production of 300,000 cars.


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