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Aldi lauches SoyPro soy products


Aldi carried on an irregular basis soy products on their shelves, but now the discounter has introduced a complete and continuous range of soy products comprising natural soymilk, soymilk with vanilla, soy milk with chocolate, vanilla dessert, chocolate dessert and soya cream. All these products are fortified with calcium, 100% vegetable and free of lactose.
These soy products sold under the brand SoyPro are very cheap as we can expect from Aldi, but are also of very good quality. For example, their Natural Soymilk is about 50% cheaper than that from Alpro and at least 10% cheaper than the B-brands from other supermarkets, at least in Belgium where soy products are rather expensive.

These soy products are produced by the Sojinal. This is a French company producing some 60 million liters soymilk per annum and is since 1996 owned by Alpro, which in turn was acquired in 2009 by the American company Dean Foods.


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