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First Flemish soy harvested

Alpro, AVEVE, the Institute for Agricultural, Fisheries and Food Research (ILVO) and the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries have started a project for the cultivation of soy in Flanders. Five farmers want to achieve a joint soy crop of 100 tons on an area of ​​25 ha. In 2018 they want to double that area and by 2015 they aim for further growth to 1000 ha. The soy beans will be used for the production of soya milk and other soya foods by Alpro.

With Flemish government funding, the ILVO, in collaboration with KULeuven and Inagro, has conducted 4 years of research into the possibilities for growing soy in Belgium.
The results of this preliminary study were even better than expected. Trial fields with soy were created between 2012 and 2017. Much attention was paid to the selection of suitable varieties and ILVO also started a breeding program. The varieties Sultana and Shouna are used on the basis of early maturity and high protein content.

Soy cultivation creates new opportunities for farmers as interesting crop in their cultivation plans. Cultivation of soy can lead to better financial returns to farmers and improved soil quality. Local soy cultivation also leads to a lower ecological footprint of the derived food products. In France Alpro already uses in their factory 100% locally grown soy.

Source: Instituut voor Landbouw-, Visserij- en Voedingsonderzoek (ILVO)


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