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Alpro launches soy milks with functional ingredients


Alpro launches two new soy milks with health-promoting additives: Alpro Plus Plant Sterols and Alpro Plus Calcium. Alpro's Dutch website reports that these two soy milks can be found on the shelves of supermarkets, such as Albert Heyn. But on their Belgian website there is no mention of this launch, although one of these products, Alpro Plus Plant Sterols, can be found at the Colruyt.

Alpro Plus Plant Sterols

Plant sterols are cholesterol-like substances in the cell membranes of certain plants, such as nuts and even soybeans contain them naturally. Margarines and dairy drinks with added plant sterols have been successfully sold for a few years, but this is the first time that plant sterols are added to soy beverages. Because they can lower blood cholesterol by up to 10% plant sterols are very popular. They work by reducing the absorption of dietary cholesterol and cholesterol secreted in the intestines by the liver and bile. Alpro claims that drinking two glasses a day contributes to actively lower your cholesterol. Consuming more than 4 drinks per day is not recommended. Furthermore, this product may not be suitable for children under five years and pregnant and lactating women.

Alpro Plus Calcium

With Alpro Plus Calcium Alpro follows the trend of products enriched with calcium. A glass Alpro Plus Calcium soy milk contains 400 mg calcium or 50% of our daily needs. In addition, one glass of supplies 38% of the recommended amount of vitamin D. Of course, we need calcium to build and maintain our bones, but the beneficial effect on bone health of excessive use of calcium has not been proven. Some studies even show that a high consumption of dairy products (rich source of calcium) results in more fractures. The normal soy milks of Alpro and other producers already contain high quantities of calcium, typically 300 mg of calcium per glass.


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