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SoyaDirect Soy Milk Maker

SoyaDirect soy milk makerThe SoyaDirect belongs to the third generation of filterless soy milk makers. The first generation models had a filter cup, in which you put all the ingredients. The second generation came with bottomless grinding cover. The third generation does not use a filter cup or grinding cover at all. This means easier cleaning and handling.
With its transparent jug, bright colour and very modern design, the SoyaDirect has a very flashy look and bright colour. As with all soy milk maker the grinding and boiling process is controlled by a microcomputer, which is located in the machine head. This soy milk maker consists of only two parts: a jug and a machine head( with power cord). The boiling jug made of transparent hard plastic and has two markings: 1300ml and 1500ml. Other items included in the box were a measure cup (for the soybeans), small brush, a small strainer, cleaning sponge and a holding cup.


The soybeans have to be put directly in the jug, together with the water, before starting the machine. There are separate buttons on the machine for making soya milk from soaked soybeans, making soy milk from dry soybeans, making rice milk, and blending function for making raw nut milk. I only tested this soy milk maker for producing soy milk from soaked soybeans. At first I was a bit sceptical, because I could not believe that a machine without a filter or grinding cover could grind the soy bean efficiently. The grinding is indeed less vigorously, but the machine compensates for this by grinding more frequently and for longer periods.

These are the operating instructions as described by the manufacturer:
  • Fill the jug with warm or cold water. Using warm water will shorten the cycle and use less energy.
  • Measure one cup of soybeans, wash and put them in the jug.
  • Plug in the powder cord. Press the select bottom, until the dry bean or wet bean (if you first soaked the beans) indicator lamp is on. The machine will then automatically make soy milk.
  • When the soy milk is ready the machine beeps and the indicator lamp twinkles. Pour out the soy milk. The operation manual doesn't mention, but you have to separate the soy milk form the okara (soy bean solids) by straining it through the small strainer. Alternatively, you can filter the whole contents through a cheese cloth to obtain extra smooth soy milk.

Test results

For this test 105g dry soybeans were used in 1400 ml cold water.
  • Mixing temperature.
    The temperature at which the first milling will start should be high enough to avoid beany taste. We tested by using cold (15°C) and warm (35°C) water. In both cases, the milling started at a temperature around 80°C. This means that a thermostat correctly controls the start of the milling, thereby making sure that undesirable enzymes which make off-flavours are destroyed..
  • Yield of soy milk.
    The strength of the soy milk is 4.2% dissolved solids and total quantity is 1280 ml. The soy milk contains about 11% suspended matter, mainly fine okara. Total yield calculated from these figures is 50%, which can be considered as average.
  • Taste.
    The taste of the milk produced by the SoyaDirect is very good: very creamy and no beany taste.
  • Cleaning
    The cleaning is very easy. Add the end of the process the jug and the bottom part of the machine head should be rinsed with cold water as soon as possible. With a bit of warm soap and the sponge it was very easy to clean everything. The jar is not designed to be put in the dish washer: it is rather large and when put upside down the hollow handle will collect some dirt.


  • Easy to dismantle and clean.
  • Flashy design.
  • Possibility to use unsoaked soybeans
  • Small size.
  • Nice and creamy taste of soy milk.


Where to buy soyadirect

Hi, where can I buy this machine. I can't find their website.
John - 09/08/2014

Where to buy soyadirect

This is their website: But you need a password to enter. Strange!
Rob - 09/08/2014


I would like to buy the SoyaDirect machine. How much is it?
Thank you.
Ruth Ekblom - 16/03/2015


Their website no longer exist. I assume that the SoyaDirect soymilk maker is no longer for sale.
Rob - 16/03/2015

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