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Slimming with soy

Obesity is an important risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and other conditions which are referred to as the metabolic syndrome. The rapid increase in obesity can only be stopped by a dramatic change in lifestyle factors, including more exercise and improved nutrition.

Study results

Studies with animals demonstrate that soy protein or isoflavones may help to prevent obesity and also diabetes. They indicate that consumption of soy protein reduces body weight, fat mass, cholesterol and triglycerides [1].
Already in 1996 Japanese researchers found that soy protein may be useful for the reduction of obesity [2]. When fatty rats were fed soy protein instead of casein they reduced weight after 3 weeks. Humans studies show beneficial effects of soy protein on cholesterol and tri-glicerides, but the effect on weight loss is less convincing. Anderson found that replacement of milk protein by soy protein in obese women resulted in more weight loss, but the results were not statistically significant [3]. Most of these clinical studies only involved few subjects and were limited in time. More long-term studies involving large numbers of obese subjects are required to confirm the role of soy in controlling obesity.

Soy protein and satiety

But why is soy protein often used in supplements for weight loss? It is well known that ingestion of protein suppresses appetite. For example, Herbalife uses soy protein as main ingredients in their popular shakes and bars. There is a lot of debate over which protein (soy protein, casein protein or whey protein) is the best for losing weight. The jury is still out on this.


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I put on weight

Hi, I have been consuming soya milk and soya proteins, when I have drank protein drinks even though it wasn't high in calories I did notice I put on weight and it wasn't because I over ate. I stopped the protein drinks and my weight went back to normal but still have soya milk on cereal, after reading this forum I think I'm going to change to almond milk it's just as easy to make in the soya quick machine.
Guest - 10/10/2012

Loosing weight after switching to soy

I was wondering, i have just started drinking soy milk. Will switching from fatty stuff like milk, yogurt and other dairy stuff to soy products help you to loose weight, the extra fat on the body?
Judy - 15/11/2013

Loosing weight after switching to soy

I've recently cut out all cos milk in favour of soya after reading an article in Holland & Barretts HEALTHY magazine. According to reports, research from Kentucky University shows that soya protein may slightly increase your metabolic rate, which in turn bumps up the speed in which we burn calories. The scientists found that not only was weight loss higher in people who drank soya milk rather than cows, but they particulary lost weight from around their tummies too.
Experts believe protein peptides in soya milk may reduce the levels of sugar in the blood helping to keep insulin levels in check. Elevated insulin levels have been linked to abdominal weight gain, plus soya milk also contains the isoflavone genistein which may help speed the brakdown of fat in fat cells. So ........... here's hoping that drinking this 'not particulary nice and no where as tasty as cows milk' alternative will pay off in the long run?? Fingers crossed ..........
Judy - 15/11/2013

Slimming with soy

I know that everyone is different but if it helps, I dropped about 20 pounds in 3 months after stopping all dairy products, meat and eggs and switching to soy products. I'm convinced it was because of all the fat in dairy products. Hope that helps!! You certainly won't gain weight and if you have weight to lose in the first place, you'll probably lose some if you cut out dairy products.
Michelle - 16/11/2013

I have been using only soya milk in tea for nearly three months and have lost my spare tyre and am looking really trim, I didn't expect this to happen, I started on soya milk because a friend recommended it for weight loss, also no butter or dairy products, but I do eat cheese sometimes. This weight loss can only be due to the soya milk and it is really very noticeable. Also I no longer like cow's milk in tea, soya milk tastes so much cleaner and more refreshing, so there you are !!!
Guest - 16/11/2013


I have been told that Soy Milk can increase your cup size? and was wondering if it was true or if it was 'Hearsay'?? If so how much would your daily intake be??
MadLiz - 17/11/2013

I'm 5'2" weighing 134lbs.i want to be 126lbs. I'm actually down from 171lbs since Feb. Due to surgery I had to take some time off and again started seroiousy exercising past couple of weeks. I religiously did exercise burning around 300cals walking. I averaged about 1450 to 1500 cals a day eating. Though I lost about couple of inches around the waist the scale did not budge.In fact it looks like i gained wt. I was so depressed today and did not see the point of continuing and ate junk food today. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Any advice/suggestions appreciated.
jarichon - 20/11/2013

Not loosing weight

what i do every morning is that i put half a banana and a hand full of oatmeal in the blender with soy milk and i really did lost weight. its like a milk shake i do this everymorning before i go to work and i also walk alot and i drink plenty of water. I eat anything i want.
Guest - 22/11/2013

Losing weight with soy milk

I've been drinking soy milk for 2 months, coupled with regular exercise as well. and the results were encouraging, soya milk may also delay hunger. and reduce my consumption of rice.

alfonsoneryy - 24/11/2013

Soy protein and Atkins diet

Recently, soy received a boost from the dietery corner. The low-carbohydrate Atkins diet, which hit in the US but still has some ground to gain in Europe, requires the replacement of carbohydrate calories. Soy protein, having many advantages over other protein sources, will play a big role in this.
Guest - 02/05/2014

Soy protein and Atkins diet

From Daily Mail 2/17/04:

"Professor Bruce Rengers, a child nutrition specialist, has warned that children could suffer permanent health problems if put on the Atkins Diet. The low-carbohydrate diet would starve the body of nutrients, causing stunted growth, softened bones and mind dulling. He pointed out that children need the energy obtained from carbohydrates. Sue Baic of the British Dietetic Association agrees that children need vitamins and minerals while growing and that an unbalanced diet would show problems more quickly. An Atkins spokesman denied there were risks for young people."
Simon - 02/05/2014

Weight gain from soya food/milk

I am Lactose Intolerant and started using soy milk and other foods earlier this year. I have gained 1 stone (14 pounds) in that time, before this I never put on weight at all. I consider that I eat sensibly and healthily, and am concerned at this weight gain. Any advice?
Lady B - 21/03/2015

Weight gain from soya food/milk

Hi, I'm not a dietician but I couldn't help wondering whether you may be intolerant to soya. If that is the case, then eating it would have induce a kind of inflammatory response in your body. I'd love to knoe what a professional thinks though! I have always wondered whether you can eat too much, thereby giving your body too much oestrogen.
Anna - 21/03/2015

Wanted to loss weight

I just started to drink soyabean and banana I just want to know is true or not
Cindy - 23/10/2016

I feel excited after knowing that soy products can cause weight loss. I am embarking on soy powder consumption and exercise today and I hope to have the amazing results other people have had on weight loss.
Banakeng - 14/03/2017

i heard soya secrete oestrogen rather than testosterone

whether body building aspirants can take whole soya bean ( soaked in water)??..i heard that soya stimulates oestrogen rather than testosterone is that correct??
Michael - 08/07/2018

i heard soya secrete oestrogen rather than testosterone

A study published in 2005 concluded that a 12 week supplementation with soy protein does not decrease serum testosterone or inhibit lean body mass changes in subjects engaged in a resistance exercise program [1]. Body builders may benefit from the lower digestion rate of soy protein, resulting in a more gradual release of amino acid. Intake of soy protein consumption may provide additional health benefits including a reduced risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.

[1] Effect of protein source and resistance training on body composition and sex hormones. Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition. 2007 Jul 23;4:4.
Rob - 08/07/2018

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