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Review of Soy Products

We regularly review soy products available in web shops worldwide or stores in Europe, mainly from The Netherlands, Belgium and France. We try to carry out the reviews as objective as possible, if you do not agree with our review please send us an email (see contact above) with your arguments. We do not have commercial interests in any of the mentioned companies or products. We do not sell any of the featured products. If you need additional information about the soy products, such as availability, nutritional values or samples, please contact the supplier or store directly. Most reviewed products are soy foods, such as soy milk, tofu, protein bars, soy ice creams, soy snacks and yogurt, but we also did reviews of most popular soy milk makers. Soy milk makers are very popular in Asian countries but are also increasingly used in western countries.

New Soy Products

Aldi has launched a complete and continuous range of soy products comprising natural soymilk, soymilk with vanilla, soy milk with chocolate, vanilla dessert, chocolate dessert and soya cream. These soy products sold under the brand SoyPro are very cheap as we can expect from Aldi, but are also of very good quality.

AdeZ is a new range of fruit juice and soya drink launched recently by Unilever in the United Kingdom and later (March 2007) in The Netherlands. It is the first new major brand launched by Unilever. AdeZ can be found in the chilled juices section of your local supermarkets.

In Belgium, IJsboerke has launched a soy icecream with same taste as their tradition icecream. It contains no lactose or dairy proteins.
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