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FDA soy cholesterol claim

Since October 26, 1999, the FDA authorises use of health claims about the role of soy protein in reducing the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) on labelling of foods containing soy protein. This final rule is based on the FDA's conclusion that foods containing soy protein included in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may reduce the risk of CHD by lowering blood cholesterol levels.

This health claim is based on evidence that including soy protein in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol may also help to reduce the risk of CHD. Recent clinical trials have shown that consumption of soy protein compared to other proteins such as those from milk or meat, can lower total and LDL-cholesterol levels.
Foods that may be eligible for the health claim include soy beverages, tofu, tempeh, soy-based meat alternatives, and possibly some baked goods. Foods that carry the claim must also meet the requirements for low fat, low saturated fat, and low cholesterol content except the foods made with the whole soybean may also qualify for the health claim if they contain no fat in addition to that present in the whole soybean.

Scientific studies show that 25 grams of soy protein daily in the diet is needed to show a significant cholesterol lowering effect. In order to qualify for this health claim, a food must contain at least 6.25 grams of soy protein per serving, the amount that is one-fourth of the effective level of 25 grams per day. Because soy protein can be added to a variety of foods, it is possible for consumers to eat foods containing soy protein at all three meals and for snacks.


The FDA cannot be relied on

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the USDA (US Department of Agriculture) cannot be relied on to tell us the truth or do anything that in any way promotes our health. The bureaucrats that run these organizations are appointed by the president and are corporate lackeys. They are responsible, in both democratic and republican administrations, for bringing us unregulated genetically engineered food and then saying that no labeling is required. Gene altered food crops have been made into factories for the production of pesticides, contraceptives and factory enzymes ( -- and -- ).

And I didn't misstate that these Frankenfoods are unregulated. No biotech organizations like Monsanto, Syngenta, Bayer Crop Science or Pioneer Hi-Bred have to go through the FDA or the USDA to get their products on the market, unless the product contains a known allergen or a known toxic substance.

What these companies don't know about their novel creations is not the FDA's or the USDA's concern because the FDA has declared that all genetically engineered organisms are "substantially equivalent" to the original organism (plant or animal). If genetic engineering causes unknown substantial changes in nutrition or produces a toxic substance in the "food" it is no one's concern until someone proves to the FDA that something is wrong with the "food".

Bad news for the soy supporters... most soy is genetically engineered to be resistant to various herbicides. Different chemical companies that sell herbicide produce a soy or corn plant that is immune to their herbicide. Monsanto is the worst offender regarding all of its shenanigans with GMO.

Round-up Ready soy beans is their patented seed. If they are able to convince farmers to grow it the farmers have to pay a premium for the seed, a technology fee for every acre they plant, they cannot save seed and have to buy new every year, and of course they have to buy the round-up herbicide in order to take advantage of the new traits of the soy bean. So in addition to the pesticide contamination now we have a herbicide being sprayed on plants. More residue for our bodies to deal with.

The foods that produce pesticides are called "insect resistant". The "resistance" is an EPA registered pesticide that their altered DNA now produces in every part of the plant, contaminating the soil and you and your children while killing a few bugs along the way. Conventional pesticides still have to be used on these crops, but not as much, according to the biotech "owners" of the plants so altered.

One last bit of bad news, some crops are stacked with multiple DNA modifications such as corn that is herbicide resistant and produces a pesticide. In spite of having a pesticide growing in the plant they still must be sprayed with a conventional pesticide as the poison they carry is not broad spectrum. The new and improved crop now has two additional toxic substances on it (herbicide residue and a toxin in the plant), as well as the pesticide that is still being sprayed on the crop.

Some other things we have to thank the FDA and the USDA for. The FDA is responsible for the lax regulation of the pharmaceutical industry resulting in tens of thousands of deaths every year.

The FDA has regulations and mechanisms in place to shutdown the entire health food, vitamin and supplement industry while simultaneously turning it over to the pharmaceutical industry and medical doctors (Codex Alimentarius).

The FDA and the USDA are trying to drive organic foods out of the marketplace by first taking over the regulation of the safest foods you can eat, and secondly by promulgating new rules and regulations regarding handling in the marketplace making it more difficult to profit from selling organic
( ).

The first attempt to take over the regulation of "organic foods" found the FDA and the USDA trying to change the definition of "organic" to include genetically altered plants and animals (GMO), crops grown with municipal sludge and foods treated with irradiation. So much for concern about our health and preserving the integrity of the organic food industry.

Recently the FDA has given the "okay" for health claims to be put on soy products. Once the FDA has given something its blessing you can be sure that there is something gone wrong.

I have been pointing out the problems with soy for years. Ever heard of Estroven? It is a pill to fight the symptoms of menopause. Where does the active ingredient come from?... Soy! Why would anyone other than a menopausal woman eat anything soy?

Soy formula should be banned. Soy not only has high amounts of plant estrogen but also high levels of manganese and aluminum. Soy should NEVER be consumed by any children or infants PERIOD! Even pediatricians will tell you that soy formula is the formula of last resort.

There are also toxins associated with the soy plant that have to be removed by a fermentation process used to produce tempeh. But even that product, highly processed, has phyto-estrogens or flavonoids.

One more thing... this information is not hysteria.... that is what the defenders of soy want you to think. One last bit of information with a link to Dr. Mercola's information on soy consumption and pregnancy...

I have no agenda to destroy soy. To what end? I am a poor man with the ability to think and see through BS. I don't profit from soy losing market share. But if you read what I write you will have a healthier and happier life and become more politically aware of what is happening to our food and everyone's health.
michael0156 - 10/08/2009

benifit of soya drinks

Soya milk is one of the most beneficial milk especially for reducing cholesterol LDL and decrease risk of heart attack.This has been authenticated by FDA and HPFBI and several researches. At the end I would say excess use of anything is harmful. Dr. H Khan (Ph. D)
Kamal234 - 17/12/2016

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