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Breast enlargement

Soy contains isoflavones, phytoestrogens that mimic the female hormone estrogen and thus can exert a weak estrogenic activity in our body. It is known that estrogen stimulates the growth of breast tissue and the question is whether soy isoflavones can exert the same effect. It is said that if you regularly consume soy products your breasts enlarge by one to two cup sizes.

The effect of soy isoflavones on breast enlargement has never been a subject of an objective scientific study. The only aspect that has been examined is the effect of isoflavones on the risk of breast cancer and, luckily, most of these studies indicate a protective effect of isoflavones. However, you can find on the internet many types of so called breast pills on the market that mainly contain isoflavones derived from hops.
A clinical study commissioned by BreastGro to investigate the effect of their pills on cup size found in one third of the women increased the volume of their breasts with 1 to 2 cups. The largest increase in breast volume was observed in women who have been pregnant. According to their study BreastGro pills showed no negative side effects in women. However these clinical experiments are not designed as double-blind, placebo-controlled studies and are therefor not reliable.

However, we do receive a lot of messages from women claiming their cup size increased after they their intake of soy products. We believe that this effect is due to increased caloric intake. The added sugars in soymilk may indeed increase cup size but at the same time they result in unwanted weight gain.


can soya produts be used to enlarge breasts

hey im a female 22 years old,ive read some topics that soya milk,papaya,and drinking red bean soup may enhace breasts to grow,is that true,and if yes to what extend
zinzi - 25/10/2011

can soya produts be used to enlarge breasts

Surely, your breast will enlarge when you eat a lot of red bean soup, papayas or soya milk but so will do your other body parts.
Hildegard - 28/10/2011

soy milk works but increases bra cup size

Im a bit late with this answer i guess, but here goes.
Ive been reading a lot on soy milk. First of all, yes it has less fat then milk and such. That way it works great. The downside is ( and here is the answer as to the increase in your bra cup size) it has a lot of estrogen. Which in case you are working out or trying to lose weight, it makes you burn fat slower. Then again one glass of soy milk per day shouldn't hurt.
Ella - 22/11/2013

Soya milk increases cup size!

I was detected with IBD, so could not eat normal food very often. To balance my diet I started drinking a lot of soya milk. I did it for almost 14 months. My weight remained stationary but my cup size increased from B/C cup to D. Given I am petite so I have decided to stop drinking soy milk as I do not like this side-effect. In my case, it seems that Soy contributed to bigger breasts. Try at your own risk as Soy is also linked to health issues like cancer and auto-immune disorders.
soyfairy - 15/12/2013

Soya milk increases cup size!

My case is identical like Soyfairy. I could not eat solid food due to suspected Crohn's Disease. For almost one year, my staple food was just drinking soy milk. My cup size went-up from normal B/C to D. I am absolutely positive that soy milk had this side-effect. I stopped drinking soy milk after one year because I have read reports on long term negative consequences of drinking soy milk. There is too much confusion about +/- of soy milk, so I stopped drinking. Please do your own research and seek medical advice before drinking soy milk.
Guest - 15/12/2013

Please i would like to know if after stopping the consumption of soya milk the breasts will go back to their normal size or not because i experienced the same side effect after drinking one cup of soy milk each day with some weight gain too. Please i want to make sure that my breast's size will go back to its initial size.
Yasmina - 23/10/2014

Bigger boobs

I do not believe soy products make your boobs bigger otherwise China would not have been filled with so many flat chested girls. Your boob size depends on genetics. Those women who claim that soy works might be getting fatter, since breasts are made of fat anyway.
Mariana - 15/01/2015

how to increase breast size

i m 22 years old i m started drinking soya milk is it increase my breast size and in how many days results can be shown
priti - 19/04/2015

help !!

i'm 20 years old ,, I'm started drinking soya milk ,, I wanna know "the short-term use " for how long to get my breast bigger without any damages or side effects plz !
reem - 24/04/2015

man with boobs

am 39 years guys and have been drinking Soy milk for long and I have seen my breast getting enlarged, something to do with Soy milk I guess
Skywalker - 01/05/2015

Breast enlargement

It does increase ur breasts size, thats why men are not advised to drink it for a large period of time, it may cause them gynecomastia.
Rose - 13/06/2015

breast enlargement by soy

hi i drunk a pint of soy milk in like 2-3 days and i didnt know the effects of it all but my breast went from having a B to a C in just a couple of day so i talked to my dr and she said that this was do to soy having high levels of estrogen and that the results are permanent and thats why she advises that men dont drink it because they could develop a condition called gynecomastia Im not saying it will work for u but it worked for me
Ava - 01/07/2015

Soymilk = Breast Enlargement?

Hi, does the effect of breast enlargement from soymilk (and soy products) equally apply to every female? I'm a 24-year-old vegetarian, and I've drunk 2 cups of soymilk everyday for more than 10 years. My bra cup has not increased, so I'm wondering if my body has to be able to use the plant-based estrogen in order to see the enlarging effect? Thank you so much.
P.S. However, during my puberty, I was deprived of nutrients, especially 3 macronutrients, due to some diet that my parent believed in, and made me be on. I ate vegetables and a few starch, but no protein and minimal fat, and my BMI was already 17.8 to begin with.

I guess the amount of estrogen in my body was not "activated"? I do have plenty of hair though.)
Summer - 05/07/2015

Soy Milk Increases Breast Size and at the same time, Your Weight.

Hello there :)
I've been drinking soy milk (vitamilk)since June. I am 17 years old. I guess it can increase your breast size, and at the same time, your weight and apettite.
Cheshire - 12/07/2015

i want bigger boobs

hey my name is veronica 29 year sold im an A cup and been all my life. i want bigger breast, so i will try this soy milk experiment and see what happens. Pls if any one is like me and would to try and compare
veronique manceaux - 18/08/2015

Need of breast enlargement

Heyy hi I m 24 yr old girl and I wish to get bigger boob as I m slim and have smaller size so, how do I inc. My size plzz help. And how do I use soy milk or products.
Neha - 01/09/2015

Definite change in breast size

I have been a vego for about 25 years but only just changed over to soy milk in my daily coffee about 6 weeks ago. Prior to this I had lost quite a bit of weight, including my breasts (which used to be a DD/E). However in the past four weeks or so, I have noticed my breasts increasing in size to the point where they feel quite uncomfortable, almost like constantly inflating balloons. At first I thought it was hormonal, however as the month has progressed they have not "deflated". It only occurred to be the other day that it could be soy related. I reckon I'd only have a cup a day of soy milk. I've always eaten tofu but noticed nothing from that. I'm considering ceasing the soy milk and seeing if they will go back to normal. I do not like the feeling of very fullness in my chest. And before anyone else mentions it, no I haven't put weight on anywhere else.
Monique - 22/09/2015


Am 25 years old .... I feel uncomfortable without it ..I have flat breast ....So if drink soy milk, does it work.
Preethi - 11/10/2015

don,t think negetive

dear Boobs I don't think it will enlarge your boobs but it might help your protein needs and if your boobs are not grown because of protein then it may help you if you have any query about this you can ask me
krshna - 23/11/2015

want bigger breast

I would like to know how long I must take soy products for bigger breast?
larana - 25/11/2015

It helps

Most Asians especially Chinese actually don't drink soy milk or dairy much at all. Actually the milk consumption rate has decreased quite a bit. As an American Chinese women I've ingested dairy products all my life. I can proudly say that anything taken in moderation is okay. Don't drink or eat too much and given time you will see results. My mother once told me that if you drink soy milk your breast will grow. Not too much though. I drink a hot cup at night and a cold cup in the morning to wake up.
Aznbabydoll - 06/12/2015

Breast enlargement

I am 22 and have very small breasts. Infact my breast size has decreased from what it was before after my weight loss. Will soya milk help in increasing my breast size from 34 B to 36 B?
Saumya - 14/12/2015

Yay soy!

I've switched from a heavy meat and dairy based diet (from most of my life) to a plant based vegan diet for the last few months and my boobs have grown quite a lot. This is not uncommon in females who switch from dairy to soy. And I know that correlation doesn't equal causation blah blah but I'm still going claim it.
VeganBoobie - 15/12/2015

breast enlargement

Hi, am 25 years, and i have small breast. I want to know how many days should i consume soy milk in order to have bigger breast. Please advise if after stopping consuming it, does it come back to its normal size?

pinky - 21/12/2015

It works

I went vegetarian and I've been drinking a lot of soy protein smoothies almost every day, sometimes twice a day. My breast got fuller, probably from b cup it went to b+, it used to be fuller like this only during the period, but on the third day after the cycle it would go to normal bit smaller size, but now on this new diet it just stays full, first I thought I might be having a pregnancy, but no I was not it just the change in diet and soy protein, I had not gained weight otherwise, hopefully I will, because I would like to gain few pounds eventually
Olene - 11/01/2016

Tofu and breast enlargement

i just randomly went up two cup sizes at 24yrs, don't drink soy milk but i eat tofu quite often could this be the cause? is it dangerous if my estrogen levels are getting higher?
lily - 14/01/2016

I can feel it working

I'm a 19 year old girl who's an A cup, i wanted bigger boobs so i read about soymilk. I tried drinking a bottle of vitamilk (soymilk brand) a day and in about a week i noticed my boobs were fuller and a little bigger now. Right now i continue to drink a cup of soymilk (soyafresh, i like it bc it comes with different flavors like strawberry, etc.) everyday.
geeky - 21/01/2016

Soy milk and breast size

I drink organic soy milk every day at least two glasses or three. I have done this for about five weeks. There is no difference in size. Im 43
Tanya - 17/02/2016


after born three time can soy make my breast stand again? if no what can i us to make my breast increase?
aino - 25/02/2016

increase boobs size

It does increase boobs size mine increase within 2 months b to c cup size but with one cup of soya milkthat I was taking fenugreek seed one tablespoon and one tablespoon of flex. Plus breast enhancing massage and exercise too.
Rada - 07/03/2016

i want larger boobs without side effect

Hi, I m 19 years old and I want to enlarde my Brest I thinking of consuming soymilk...soes this have any effect???doest soymilk works???or how long I have to consume soymilk for larger boobs??
rizwana - 10/03/2016

Please I need help

Hi, I'm 25 yrs old, please how many times dd I need to take soymilk per day for best result? bcoz I have very very smaller breast, even if my breast size won't increase at least I want it to get fuller. please save my situation.
Aasy - 16/03/2016

It seems to be working

Hi, I have definitely noticed a change in the size of my breasts since I started drinking soya milk. I have always been quite flat chested but recently I have noticed that my breast are a lot fuller and are increasing in size. I have been drinking one cup of soya milk every day for the last 3 weeks. I also add flax seed to my porridge each day so it may be a combination of soya and flax seeds together that is causing the changes.
Shaz - 23/04/2016

Breast enlargement

For the last 9 months, I have been drinking light soya in my tea, having a soya latte each day and I also have it on my cereal. My breasts had got a little bigger but I thought it might be hormonal and didn't think too much about it. I went for my wedding dress fitting last week and the girl couldn't do up the last bit of the dress. She commented that my breasts must be bigger and asked if I was hormonal (the dress fitted 6 months ago). Thankfully they sorted the dress but my breasts are definitely a cup size larger at least following reasonable daily use of soya milk.
Emily - 28/04/2016

breast growth

I have naturally pendulum breast shape. I have found that taking soy supplement the past month that my breast feel heavier and I am not wearing a bra much to allow for possible growth.
Lynn - 20/05/2016

Clearing the air

Organic soy does not have the negative health effects. My wife's breasts definitely increased in size after consuming Tofu. PLEASE be careful not to consume soy products that have Carrageenan! The stuff is absolutely TOXIC! Even organic products have it sometimes! get organic soy milk or Tofu WITHOUT Carrageenan! Good luck ladies!
Stahnk Pype - 05/06/2016

taking soya beans for breast enenlarment is good or not any side effects

Hi I am 30 years old. Taking soya beans daily cause any side effects?
keerthi - 10/06/2016

Breast size

Hi. I am 35yrs old. I want to enlarge my breast size as I am having very very small breasts. I am mother of two children. I want to know,at this age, consuming soy milk help me in increasing my breast size? How many months I should drink?
Anu - 13/07/2016

Breast Size enlargment

Well I drank Soya milk with different 3 flavours now for a week plus i ate Fenugreek seed powder with honey and massage my boobs at night before sleep. i see no change of size. maybe i may need extra weeks ?
Julie - 26/07/2016

All about soymilk

hi i wanna ask if is it really true that soymilk can increase breast size, i am 22 and my breast is Cup A. and I hate it when my hubby paying more attention to those who has a bigger breast. i feel jealous! I started drinking soymilk today just a half of a glass, it's a vitamilk, and i buy another soymilk and its no flavor, it's natural. hope i can increase my breast size with this soymilk. thanks to you guys
Emilee - 07/08/2016

Soy milk increased my breast size!

Yeah, when I drink soy milk consistently for weeks at a time my breast get bigger. I finally stopped because they were getting to big for me, as I feel uncomfortable. My chest felt heavy too.
Aladi - 20/08/2016

Im vegetarian for 19years, and been drinking soy milk for atleast 10years, would say 1cup a day, some days more or less. I havent noticed any change on my breast.
Until 4-5months ago, 1week before my periode my breast got bigger and fuller, i did actually not like it, i even though i hurted laying on my stomac, imagining this is how it must feel to have breast-enlargement. When period was finish, breast went normal. Ea stayed to big for 14days! My first though was toword the soymilk due to the estrogen.
Ive now been 'clean' of soy for 1,5month and just experienced 1day with fuller/big breast. And that was the day after i cheated and drank one glass of soy-milk.
Ill be staying away from that now for a time.
Switched over to rice and cocanut milk instead. But then again, for 10years i did not notice any changes. Most likely works differently on all. Dont really understand how anyone would want bigger breast. I am 29years.
Ingrid - 24/09/2016

C cup to D cup w/ Soy Milk

In 2 months soy milk made my cup size go from a C to a D!!! I went dairy free and gluten free at the end of August. I replaced dairy milk with soy milk. I had soy milk everyday in my tea, smoothies and cereal. I consumed a fair amount. It is now mid October and my breasts have enlarged a full cup size since. It was an unplanned side effect that I am not at all upset about :).
Tiana - 21/10/2016

started with soy today

Hi,i'm a 24yrs old girl with 32A breast size i,ve started with soy diet today followed with massages.I also take fennugreek,fennel,flax seeds etc. Hope it works for me as i'm tired of wearing padded bra.
rinki - 23/10/2016

I've been consuming soy products for two weeks now and suddenly my breasts have started swelling. I'm 64 so no chance of being pregnant. Is this normal with soy or should I be worried
Helena - 02/12/2016

Please provide the best solution for breast growth

I have seen so many websites and videos to enhance breast growth and started practicing but i couldn't see any results. Is soya will surely help me in this case? Please provide the best way and help so many ladies like us who were suffering in their lives before and after marriage also. Hope i will find the best solution from your experience and knowledge. Thank you
Reena - 04/02/2017

Where can I buy this from?

Hey I wanted to know where can I buy this from as I am from Birmingham. Will add a soyamilk help too?
Tanya - 16/02/2017

Started soy milk and fennel seeds tea today. ☺

Hello, hope everyone is well. Mmh I'm a 24 year old with a size 32A and for years I've always wanted to add cup sizes to my small boobs. In vain I thought I'd never get any solution besides surgery which I can't go in for so I decided to get my nipples pierced to boost my confidence but unfortunately got more depressed since pierced nipples look much better with fullers boobs. Until I decided to go deep with breast enhancement research and saw a few natural/ organic ways to get Fuller breasts so luckily today while doing some grocery shopping I bumped into soy milk and fennel seeds which I couldn't think of leaving. I've officially started my boob enhancement journey today taking soy milk which is in powder form(2tbsp)in the morning, fennel seeds(1tsp) tea in the evening and doing my breast massage twice a day.
Hopefully I'll be seeing a change and I'll definitely keep you posted.
If these don't work for me I'll try out other herbs like (flax, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and a lot more) till I get my perfect size. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to find fenugreek seeds anywhere in my country. Otherwise I'm overjoyed with this experience already☺
Rooth - 05/04/2017

Soy has definitely made my breasts fill in too much and I too am uncomfortable. I am vegetarian and will be cutting off soy and tofu. I felt them swell like during a period yet not go down. Can anyone say if their breasts went down in size when stopping eating soy products please????????
Jane Doe - 09/05/2017

Soy milk

I've started drinking soy milk which is the best one to drink as I'm drinking alpro
Denice - 16/07/2017

soy milk

Hi, I am 19 yrs. I started drinking soymilk when i was 18yrs flat chested but now i can assure u the product work alots ,it increase my breast from Ac to Ad...try it
Esther - 20/07/2017

Increased breast size

If a use soya bean on soy milk will it increase my breast size coz m 19 years old n I have very small breast size
Jeel patel - 29/07/2017


Hello all, I am 24 years old am so I also have very small breasts and this bothers me a lot however I have been training at the gym and also having chocolate protein shakes with milk and I have seen changes to my breasts which is working, I would like to try soy milk but reading these comments am unsure some are positive and some negative about having soy milk..... I'm confused
Fefe - 30/07/2017

It works

I tried soy milk a cup a day since 3 days ago, bought at kiosk selling those soy fresh milk. My breasts has been swelling since day one i drank it. Not sure it is because of the soy milk but if it is, i wonder why the effect is so immediate.
Kylie - 06/10/2017

papaya+milk and soymilk??

hi evryone,pls cn i take both pawpaw+milk nd soymilk?like a cup each a day?am 17 nd m so flatchestd,pls help.....
Gold - 11/10/2017

Not fully convinced yet

I began drinking soy milk - 2 glasses a day so about 3 1/2 cups a day everyday for a week. And I've noticed increase in size. I'm 16 years old so this could be due to other things like period and puberty but my breast size hasn't changed like this in a very long time. I'm a small a and I'm hoping to get to a full b. Some people say it works but I'm not fully convinced. In December (next month) if my sis has increased more I think I'll be convinced and if it's not a round or on my period. I'm going to comment again then to let you know if it works!
anonymous - 10/11/2017

Just a little soon to say, but there seems to be an effect.

I am 26 years Old with a Small A. Tried Soy Milk for 2 weeks now, 1 Glass a day, and it is surprisingly delicious. Since a few days I Have a feeling my breast seem Fuller and getting bigger... ^^ I am secretly thrilled by this... Let's hope the effect will last :)
Anne - 05/12/2017

How many glasses?

Cn someone tell me how many glasses for how much time shoud be taken of soya milk for breast enlargemet?
Soy - 27/12/2017

How many days to effect given

Hi am 27yrs old i want to enlarge my breast size am mother of two children,am having very very small breast size i want to know at this age consuming soy milk help me increasing breast size? And am started in soy milk in home remedy method using this method good or not? how many glasses for how many time should be taken of a day.
Gunasheela - 03/03/2018

Soya/flax journey

Today is my first day with taking a glass of soya milk and 1 table spoon flax seed (grind) will try this for the next 3-4 wks and will share my results im curious to know if it works im a B cup lets see what happens.
Dee - 12/03/2018

Soy milk for breast enlargment is effective!

So I've been eating soy products continuously for about 2-3 weeks now and I must say,it really made my boobs bigger! they felt like period boobs since the first week of eating soy products except that they don't hurt at all. They just felt full. I'll update after a month!
C - 29/04/2018

Breast tissue

Breast are NOT made of fat. At 18 I was thin 108lb 5'3" and natural D cup breasts with little to no fat on them; they were very firm. Sure if you get fat and put weight on your body your breasts will start to be comprised mainly of fat...but breast tissue itself is not fat. Also soy products do not make you fat...from 15-18years old I was drinking and eating ALOT of soy products and maintained a slim figure. At 27 I still am very slim and enjoy a lot of soy products. Stop spreading lies people; meat and dairy and added sugars will make you fat; soy will not.
Ladeda - 07/05/2018

reduce breast enlargement

my daughter is 13 years but breast has cover all her chest, what will I do to stop it enlargement
chizzy - 09/05/2018

Breast enlarge and reduce fat all over the body

Can soy milk reduce the fat all over the body of not.breast enlarge is side effect when we consuming soy milk. I'm taking four cups if soy milk per day since two weeks their is no change in my weight loss and enlarge of breast. Plz suggest me how to enlarge boobs fastly and permanently by drinking any milk products...
Koulini - 20/10/2018

My breast felt larger

i drink soy milk and eat 'taufu hua'a lot recently and i feel like my breast getting larger and my shirt cant button up anymore. im curious is it bcause of the soy product? .
lina - 14/11/2018

Soya beans really works

I am on A cup.31 yrs mother of 2 kids.I started taking dry soya milk like tea,at times I sprinkle it on my pap for about 2 weeks.Infact,I must confess,it really works for me.My breast has really increased &full.I will continue to take it till I get to c cup.
vickky - 25/12/2018


Im 17 years old with same breast size since 4th grade (AA) I feel so motivated to try this metod. Im gonna drink one cup of soy milk, one cup of fennel tea and 1 tablespoon of flax seed a day. I will write an uodate in two weeks.
Lila - 17/01/2019

Breast enlargement for wedding

I never really write here. My breast size is 34 B at the moment but it is not exactly full V
b. Hence i would want a fuller B-C cup size esp. Im getting married in 6mo. time. So i had bought fennel seeds and 500g or raw organic soybeans from the health store of only 2euro++) and i would like to soak them in water overnight or boiled them. I might find suitable recipe to eat them even in my porridge maybe. Reading all of the comments make me yearning for tofu as well as soy milk. I ll bought them but since soybeans raw has more isoflavones i ll try to stick to maybe 2 tablespoon a day of boiled or steam soybeans.

I am currently massage my breasts everyday as well. Will update to you when I got results
Nur - 09/02/2019

Better than breast implants lol

Ok first of all, it works. I used to be a 32A cup, and now I'm a 32D cup, and quite frankly, I love it! Lol????????‍♀️

Due to being lactose intolerant, I had to stop my consumption of dairy. I've tried other milk alternatives, but I like the taste of soy milk the most. I've been drinking it s ok 2010, and didn't realize I was growing until I realized my 32B cup bras stopped fitting. At that point I thought it was just a coincidence and didn't pay it any mind.

Over time I realized my 32C cup bras were getting tight, and I even ripped a bra while trying one on at target by ????????‍♀️accident! So then when I put on a size 32D cup bra, and it fit, that is when I googled soy milk, since that is all I drink mainly from green tea fraps, in my oatmeal,everything...

Anyway, I'm now bulging over my 32D cup bras now. Curious to see how big I can grow. Dont care ????????‍♀️if there are bad long term side effects. This is best for me, my eczema doesn't flare up, and we all are going to die eventually anyway. Sorry not sorry.????
Michelle - 10/02/2019

So GMO soy does this to you?

If say organic soy doesn’t? Hmmmm...
SoySoy - 28/02/2019

Can it makes hips wider too?

Hey I read about its effects but I want to know if it helps in widening hip area too?
Over - 02/03/2019

GMO only does

I am trans, Soya is becoming popular in the trans community because of its growth effects. Soya and other products contain Phytoestrogens, these mimic human oestrogen. Cheap GMO based soya products are force grown and the chemicals used enter the food chain. If you combine soya milk, "pretend" meat made from soya and eat enough of it for a few weeks you will notice the effects. I get half crescent type pains above the breast area, sometimes like a burning "after sun" effect much later. Tissue is slowly developing. BUT! don't over do it. if forced to much the tissue can become cancerous. I could write loads more but this is the basics. I drink 1 litre of soya milk everyday, and a bowl of soya "meatballs" every other meal and the effects are always the same. I am staying below 1760 cals per day to lose 18 more kilo and its coming slowly off. As for asians/orientals, they don't eat the same crappy frankenstein GMO soya that we get in the west hence why they don't get the effects. Hope this helps you all.
Mellissa - 12/03/2019

soy milk increases breast size!

been drinking soy milk now for about 3 weeks and i can feel my breasts growing and getting fuller. will see the results in the next 5 weeks and will update!
anonymous - 17/03/2019

intake of soya increases breast

Hmmnnn....I had to confirm my observation by researching. It is very true intake of soya increases breast. I am experiencing it right now, though I am a bit nervous because of the funny feelings that come with it. I advise moderate consumption for balance pls.
Elizabeth - 28/03/2019

Soya with fenugreek for breast enlargemnt, can you advise me!

Iam 34A cup size, I read that if you take only fenugreek for increasing ur breast, it will go back to their normal size after you stop it. So I take fenugreek with soya milk and my breast increase aquite well, so iam asking if I stop taking them will my breast will return to it's normal size.
Roz - 11/05/2019


Hi everyone, I'm also yet to try this soy milk remedy though it makes you feel some fun when you take it.But will see the results.
Rac - 18/06/2019

Vanilla Soy Milk work too?

I'm 27 but I've read on here that someone much older was benefiting from it. So I have some hope.

I'm drinking vanilla soy milk and eating tofu as well. Do I have to drink plain soy milk to get breast growth benefits or is vanilla flavored okay?
This is my 3rd day drinking it and I really enjoy the flavor. I didn't think I would but I really do!
I'm good if I have to drink plain though since it only has 1g of sugar added. And do I have to eat tofu plain to?

I'm really enjoying the taste of soy. I really just wish I started around 15!
Synergy - 03/07/2019

Soy milk trial

I have started drinking soy milk from 2 days, with mixture of beetroot and carrot juice, hope will get expected results and will increase breast size permanently. However by doing massage only the breast size doesn't get bigger much and also comes back to the size like before it was.
Xxx - 15/10/2019

Breast enhancement

A mother of 2,I started drinking the beetroot, carrot and soya milk too three days ago hopefully I get the amazing feeling of having a fuller burst too.
Inquire - 24/01/2020

Soya drink

It's my 3rd day of drinking soya drink. So far it doesn't enlarge yet but will update after 4 weeks if my boobies is big enough.
Lez do this! #BoobieWarrior
Bebegurl - 06/02/2020

Quarantine - Soya Drink

Hey! I am Nessie. Its May 2020. The world is still in quarantine because of covid19. There is so much things you can do once you are at home. This include drink soy milk and getting bigger breast. I have cup B breast. Would really like cup C or D. I started drinking soy milk - 1 cup a day today. 7th May. I Will update after 1 month later in june about my size when it gets bigger – Nessie <3
LakeNessie - 07/05/2020

Increase Breaat Size

Hello I just started drinking soy milk, one beet, and strawberries every day as a smoothie to increase my bust size. I would like to get to a full C or small D. I hope it works.
Shavonda Miles - 13/05/2020

Soy Milk Big Breast Experiment.

Hey, Nessie
I'm Frankie 30 yes. I too just started today, and I was wondering would you like to do a challenge with me up to month of December; of doing this here soy milk challenge.
Frankie - 20/05/2020

Soy for enhancement

Hey, Frankie.
I'd like to embark on this challenge too. I do hope the results will be permanent as lots of things can enlarge the breast, but would the result stay? That's the big question. I'll try to update my results too.
Nicole - 22/05/2020

About Chinese drinking soy milk

Drinking soy milk is very common in China. I would say that it is perhaps the favored breakfast food by 98% of the population. That being said, most Chinese women (in China) have bigger breasts than Chinese women (in America). Most of the gals I know, and I know a lot, are not flat chested at all. With B-cups being the norm.

I strongly urge everyone to eat well and avoid fatty foods. Do some moderate exercise, and all will be fine. Your breasts will go up one to two sizes when you are pregnant, and breast feeding.

There's a man for every woman, and while I am sure that you all might want to enhance one part of your body over the other, I find that I am most attracted to kind, and loving self-confident women who are helpful and nurturing to their friends.
Rufus - 07/06/2020

Need answers from an expert please

I'm almost 24 with a 34A cup size. I have high testesterone level than the normal average, which resulted in acne and excess body hair... took diane 35 to solve thas issue, and my breasts became a little bit fullier, but lost effect in a month after stopping diane 35.
No matter how much I exercise or massage, my breast size does not increase due to genes from my mum. Currently, I started making soy milk at home because it's rare and expensive in my country.
I need to know how much do I need to consume soy milk per day, for how long, and whether the effect will last after I stop drinking soy milk. Also I wanna ask while making soy milk at home, does removing the fatty layer formed on top of the milk decreases the phytoestrogenic effect in any way ? because I don't want to gain weight while increasing my breast size.
Plaese help, I cry whenever I look myself in the mirror !!!
Tia - 13/06/2020

How big will my breast get?

If I drink soy milk once every day, in a year, how big will my breast get?
Emily - 22/06/2020

Quarantine - Soya Drink ( Part 2 / 1 month result)

Hey! I am Nessie. It’s July already! I forgot to give you an update. I started drinking soy on 7 May and stopped around 3 June. My one month result is kind of neutral. My breasts didnt necessary grow bigger instead I gained 3 Kg of weight, my breasts did become fuller. So i stopped after that because i just dont want to be heavier. It might because of external factors like quarantine and all. However. I am thinking to go back but this time to try other brand soy milk soon. Nessie <3
LakeNessie - 03/07/2020
Nessie - 02/07/2020


Okay this seem weird I have doubt,am really small chested am seek and tired of being like a boy,I know am pretty have been told so,so I want to make sure I just have the boobs to make me look go,am 16 and I want boobs even a B+ will be really okay. just want something to bounce when I walk,and the reason why am worried my sister have small boobs and I don't want that fate so am going to drink two glass of soy milk,if it work hurray!!!if doesn't I pray it will work am still young...
Pamie - 14/07/2020

I have been drinking soy milk everyday since February 2020. 250grams of milk a day. I tried different brands of soy milk. My cup size is 34A and there was no significant change in my breasts since then except when I am about to have my menstruation. A lot of people notice I reduced weight. And I feel tired most of the time even when Im not doing anything. There are times when I feel bloated and I burp more often.
Anonymousy - 26/07/2020

I have been drinking soy milk everyday since February 2020. 250grams of milk a day. I tried different brands of soy milk. My cup size is 34A and there was no significant change in my breasts since then except when I am about to have my menstruation. A lot of people notice I reduced weight. And I feel tired most of the time even when Im not doing anything. There are times when I feel bloated and I burp more often.
Anonymousy - 26/07/2020


I’ve always been allergic to regular milk but not soy. I haven’t had soy since I was a baby. I’m 31 and recently hurt my ankle. Dr. Said to start taking vitamins C,D and a regular daily vitamin. I be never really taken vitamins before. I want to start drinking soy instead of pop and sugary drinks..but just with taking the vitamins I’ve noticed a change in size. Will soy make breast grow larger? If soy does if you stop drinking soy will they go back to original size????
Question - 01/08/2020

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