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Too much soy milk?

Soy Milk Guy
29 10 2002
Too much Soy Milk
I was just wondering if there's any health risk of drinking too much soy milk? I generally buy 4 (1.5L) jugs and I go through it every 3 to 4 days. I get a little big of help from my two sisters, but I mostly consume the most. I'm a vegetarian (no meat of any kind, including fish). Damm stuff is too addicitive.

30 10 2002
Too much Soy Milk
Hi Guy,
It's nice to hear that you like soy milk so much. The FDA allows a health claim that says that 25 grams of soy protein a day may help to reduce the risk of heart disease. Depending on the help you get from your sisters, I guess that you drink about 1 liter soy milk per day, which represents about 30 grams of soy protein. This is certainly not too much soy milk. If the soy milk is fortified (with calcium or vitamins), please make sure that you don't get too much of these, also considering the other food you eat.

As a general rule, healthy human beings should consume a balanced diet from all the major food groups.
Best regards,
30 10 2002
Too much Soy Milk
I am also addicted to soy milk. I drink 1 liter every day and sometime more... There are many good brands of soy milk in the shops. adds

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